Corporate Image Video Production

Brilliant Lens has produced a number of corporate image films, typically for internal branding and employee training purposes. These projects are built around available, internal company resources and use real people, such as your employees, to convey stories about your company. We provide comprehensive services to cover all phases of video production and we work with interview subjects to ensure they are properly prepared and know what to expect when they are on camera.

We worked with Sulzer's Corporate Communications and Human Resources teams to identify four key stories within their global organization that represented great examples of how their employees were applying their Core Values program. This video was filmed over three weeks in multiple locations in the USA, China and Europe, and subtitled in seven languages.

Scott Fischer, went from pushing a broom at a cycle shop, at the age of fifteen, to becoming CEO of the largest Harley-Davidson dealer network in the country. It's the stuff of legend and inspiration. Brilliant Lens brought the story to life using archival photography and interviews with Scott himself. The resulting film is seen by new employees during Day One orientation.

Short-Form Video Production

Short-form productions are ideal for broadcast commercials and web-based videos such as testimonials, tutorials and more.

Six Bends Announcement

Chamber Testimonial

Soapnet Web Video

Alstom 3D Factory Tour

Creative Video Production

Sometimes you need something different and eye-catching. These videos represent creative, small-budget solutions.

Geneva Time-lapse

Corvette Stills to Video

Multi-plane Animation

Assembled Images