Whether you love or hate networking, there is no denying that networking is an important factor in business. Small businesses who do not have extensive advertising or marketing budgets, rely on networking to grow their base of contacts, and make connections with strategic partners and potential clients. On this page we have assembled some helpful resources and articles that we have shared with local business groups, chambers of commerce and others. We hope you find these tools helpful. 

Network Brilliantly with Evernote and Linkedin

Learn how to use Evernote Premium to get quickly process the business cards you receive at professional gatherings, conferences, workshops and other events. This simple one step solution, once setup, will scan, transcribe, transfer to contacts, email a quick follow-up, send a link to your Linkedin profile and archive the business card in the cloud. It really is like magic! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Articles & News related to Networking