A radical Redesign signals a new alliance

Client: Alliance for the Arts, Lee County, Florida | Industry: Non-profit, Community Arts
Our Work: Logo and Brand Re-design, Launch Presentation


Bryon McCartney, creative director of Brilliant Lens and designer of the new Alliance logo, poses with Bill Waites who oversaw the design of the original Alliance logo.

Logo Release Presentation by Brilliant Lens


Design a new logo and brand identity that will stand for a strong sense of community, be contemporary and future facing, and represent the playful, fun and unique experiences members and visitors enjoy at the Alliance for the Arts.


We started with a review of input from stakeholders, focus groups and member surveys. We also looked at ideas from the staff and board members.

We also researched other arts-related logos to spot trends and identify what was dated and to be avoided.

Finally, recognizing the importance of building on the past, we considered what we could retain from the existing logo.


Starting with the main shape of the existing logo, we widened and simplified the elements to create a more contemporary, architectural appearance.  

We combined this formal structural shape on the right in a way that embraces the expressive and energetic shapes on the left. 


the new logo

Respecting history and looking to the future meant designing a new logo that was evolutionary rather than revolutionary. 

Be Brilliant! Marketing also supported  the Alliance with a logo release presentation, sharing the stage to support our client for the launch of the new logo and creating a presentation to help tell the story and give the launch the big splash, and positive reception the client expected.