Three Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Needs Visuals

Visuals have the power to tell stories that create strong emotional connections. At Be Brilliant!® Marketing, we use visuals strategically to bring stories to life to connect with customers and employees. When we consult with our clients about visual storytelling, we always encourage them to use visuals on their website, when posting on social media sites and in blog posts.

Here's why we use visuals. Six out of ten us are visual learners — these people learn best when information is delivered through the eyes by looking at images, videos or reading. Think about it this way — more than half of your customers and target audiences prefer to look at some sort of image over just plain text.

Since visuals are so crucial when it comes to marketing, we want to share with you 3 reasons why your content marketing needs visuals. 

1. Visuals help sell products/services.

When using visuals to promote your product, you want to use images of the products to captivate viewers. The right visual helps a potential customer see how the product fits in their life.

Look at the images below. Are you more interested in the watch on the left or the right?

Image of a Silver Victorinox Swiss Army Watch
Image of a man wearing a black Victorinox Swiss Army Watch

Chances are, you're more likely to be drawn to the watch on the right. Why? Because it's more visually appealing and shows the product in real life. When you're using visuals for your content marketing to sell a product, think about which image is more likely to turn a potential customer into a paying customer.

Image of Be Brilliant Marketing Facebook post with visuals

2. Visuals produce higher engagement. 

Last year, a social media analytics company Socialbakers reported that 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook were images, which was an increase from 85% in 2012. Only 3% of the most engaging posts in 2013 were regular status updates.

We find these statistics to be true for our own posts on Be Brilliant!'s Facebook page. When we post articles or status updates with an image, those posts always generate more engagement. Check out this screen shot of one of our posts of Bryon posing with Shannon Larkin, drummer of Godsmack.

This post, with two images, reached 4,270 people, had 19 likes and 1 comment. People want to see what you're doing and not just read about it. 

3. Visuals create sharable content. 

When your social media followers share or retweet your content, your company is essentially receiving free advertisement. And who doesn't want free advertising? If you have visual content that has performed well in the past, capitalize on that success. You can use the evergreen visual for a blog post or a status update but be sure you don't post the same content. 

If you're looking to add more visuals into your content marketing, we can help. To learn more about how the Be Brilliant team makes visual storytelling work, click here.

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