Branding is your company’s super power!

There’s a lingering misconception that branding is only for big companies with big budgets. If you’ve got a small business and think that branding isn’t for your company, we’re here to challenge your perception. 

Whether your business is in the corner of your home or in the corner office of a shopping plaza, your brand matters!

"Without branding, your company lacks an identity, a pulse, a presence, and a purpose."

"Without branding, your company lacks an identity, a pulse, a presence, and a purpose."

Let's step back for a second and explain what we mean by branding. Hint: It's not just a logo and a business name.

Branding is what sets you a part from every other company — it's the solid foundation when you're building a business. It’s what you represent and stand for. Branding is how you sound when you talk and what you look like. Successful brands understand how to engage and attract their customers. They know how to talk to their customers and they create a deeper, emotional connection with them. 

Here are 3 reasons branding matters for small businesses.

1. Branding sets you apart

A well-defined, unique brand is what makes your company stand out from the crowd. Your company can have the most interesting, rare products in the world, but if you don’t know how to strategically position your product in front of the right audiences, or communicate in a language that your audience understands, your brand is at risk. Share the stories that make your brand different. Tell people what your brand believes in. Create those emotional connections that is going to develop raving brand fans.

2. Branding allows you to define your business

As the small business owner, you are responsible for defining what your brand stands for, what it looks like, how it communicates and its identity. Don’t let your competition define your business, and don't leave it up to your employees to live your brand vision without your guidance. This is why we recommend small business owners create brand guidelines. With brand guidelines, you can better ensure that your company’s communications and content look consistent and carry consistent messages. Left on its own, without guidelines, your brand can confuse your audiences, customers, and prospects.

3. Branding makes your business professional

Whether you’re a one person solopreneur or an entrepreneur with a few employees, having a unique brand visual identity takes your presentation up a notch. From your email signatures, business cards to the colors you use on printed materials, being conscious and consistent reinforces who you are to your audiences. 

Where to start?

If you have a small business and an online presence, you’re on the global map. Thanks to the virtual world, people can literally find you at any time and can come knocking at your door. And like every other business, if you want to have customers, and sell your products or services, you need to have a brand. Without branding, your company lacks an identity, a pulse, a presence and a purpose. 

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