Running a business is tough.

As the business owner, you already have so much to do. Whether it's hiring the right people, managing the books, or providing quality customer service, it seems like you never have enough time. Then there’s marketing! We find that proper marketing is one of the biggest challenges for small businesses.

So, where do you start? Before planning and implementing your ideal marketing strategies you’ll need to take a look at these three key factors to ensure your marketing is successful.

1. What is your current business situation?

First, you’ll need to assess your current business situation. Also known as a SWOT analysis, this is the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that your business currently faces. 

Strengths: Your strengths are what your business does better or differently than anyone else. Find where your business is most successful.

Weaknesses: This is where your business is most vulnerable. Look for the one thing that you need to improve.

Opportunities: There are always changes and trends in the market, look for the ones that you can take advantage of or benefit from.

Threats: This is where your competitors are beating you or the external factors that can jeopardize your business. Ask the question, what is holding your business back?

2. Who is your audience?

Second, you’ll need to understand your audience. To understand your audience, you will need find out their demographics, why they choose you, and where they get their information. This information becomes very useful when you get to planning and executing your marketing strategies.

Who is your ideal customer?

Where do they live? How old are they? Single/married? What do they care about? What makes them your ideal customer?

Why do your customers choose your business?

What problem do you solve for them? What do they value about your business? What experience do they expect? Is it only about price? Would they easily go somewhere else?

Where do you best customers get information?

Do they read the paper, listen to the radio? Are they on Facebook, Instagram, twitter? Do you network with them?

3. What are your goals?

graphic of smart goals

Third, you’ll need to set S.M.A.R.T. goals. Take into account everything you just discovered about your business. This is where you can set up your goals so that they are targeted to reach ideal customers. Evaluate each goal with these attributions in mind. 

Specific: is the goal clear and easy to understand?
Measurable: is it easily measured?
Attainable: will you be able to achieve this goal?
Relevant: is it relevant to your business?
Timely: does this goal make sense right now and what’s the timeframe you want to deliver on it?

Once you've found the answer to these three questions, you will be ready to work on your marketing plan. Whether you're gonna do-it-yourself or find a professional to do the hard work for you, the answers to these questions will get you're marketing strategies up and running!

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