Eight Things the Best Marketing Agencies Do

Are you looking to outsource your marketing needs? You may need the full service of copywriting, social media and branding, or just be looking to improve your online traffic. 

While some companies choose to cover these services by hiring a few different freelancers, the best option is to hire a marketing agency.

The right agency can be your one-stop-shop for all the services you are looking for and more, but how do you know which one to choose? 

Your main focus should be creating a fit between an agency's niche and your company's goals. However, there are some things all the best marketing agencies do. 

8 Things All Top Marketing Agencies Have in Common

1. Good Culture 

If your options of marketing agencies are local, meet with their teams in person. 

Take a look around the office and get to know their people. Is it a collaborative office? Can you clearly notice how they uphold values and standards?  

At the end of the day, marketing is a creative space and creatives work better when they can feed off each other. The better the culture of an agency, the better the work they produce. 

2. Impressive Online Presence


Since most marketing strategies take place in an online world, the best proof of an agency's ability to perform is how well they maintain an online presence

Can you easily find them on a search engine? What is their social media like?

If an agency can effectively make you feel engaged and you find yourself looking for more information from them, you're headed in the right direction.

Take the time to see how many followers they have on different social channels and how they engage with their audience. Look for how they respond to their audience and whether or not messaging is consistent.

This is also a good opportunity to compare the voice of different marketing agencies with your company's style of doing things. Ask yourself whose approach most resembles what you are looking for.  

3. Strong Portfolio

Some marketing agencies are great at putting themselves out there, but can't effectively repeat in-house processes for clients. 

Double-check their ability to perform by going through a project portfolio

Portfolios are where the whole team shines. It is your way to see what an agency's copywriters, photographers, brand managers, and social strategists can do for you.

This is your close-up of an agency's potential, beyond talking to sales reps and top managers. It backs advertisements and service offerings with real proof of results. 

4. Innovation Mindset

As you go through portfolios, make sure an agency's results do all not look the same. 

Each client project needs to have a personal, focused touch. This is the best way marketing agencies prove their ability to make companies stand out across different industries.

The more forward-thinking an agency is, the better chances you have to run an impressive marketing campaign. Ask yourself if anything in the portfolio makes you do a double-take or gets you excited. 

If you can't buy-in to a past project, chances are you won't be wowed by what an agency comes up with for you. 

5. Focus on Measurements

Once your interest is piqued, be sure to check the numbers. 


The best marketing agencies have a balance of fun, creative geniuses and analytical, data-driven strategists. 

An idea can seem brilliant, but did the market respond well to it? Ask your potential marketers about their performance metrics to be sure.

Metrics range anywhere from paid and organic search results to trends in social media engagement and growing an audience.

Don't forget to look at conversion rates, either. Marketing efforts are good and well when traffic is up and an audience is engaged, but it serves no use without the ability to make a sale. 

6. Open Communication 

Can you trust the marketing agencies you are negotiating with?

The best agencies make sure to have a consistent, open line of communication with their clients. You should have a defined point of contact to handle everything from edits to billing. Also, ensure there is a support team available to you. 

Most communication will happen via email or phone calls, but regular meetings should be established as well. It is standard to receive monthly performance reports, but sometimes meetings can be pushed to bi-monthly or quarterly. 

Either way, treat outsourcing like an extension of your internal team. Keep in contact with a marketing agency just like you would with your people. 

7. Ability to Look at the Big Picture

The best marketing agencies create campaigns with a lasting impact. 

Think of stand-out logos like Apple's bitten fruit to well-known phrases like Nike's Just Do It. Sure, online campaigns tend to adapt more than other branding strategies, but they still need to be impressive. 

Having good content means nothing without proper execution. Talk to your marketing agency about their vision for follow-up campaigns. 

The better creativity can align with strategy, the more potential a campaign has be remembered.  

8. Failure

How do agencies ensure a campaign will succeed? They fail fast and learn quickly. 

Marketing agencies with an extensive portfolio have likely had a few hiccups to get there. They have had campaigns crash and burn. They have missed deadlines or fallen short of expectations. 

Yet, they use these experiences as standards of success.

Agencies with a growth mindset use failure as a driver. They are not afraid of taking big risks. They have the past experience to know when to push the boundaries and how to do so effectively. 

As a result, you as a client get the most passionate, driven teams out there.

Improve Your ROI

Agencies have many tricks up their sleeves, but the most important thing to look for is the ability to drive results. 

The right combination of creativity, discipline, and vision can significantly improve your marketing ROI. 

Plus, hiring a full-service marketing agency gives you more time to focus on your product and services. 

Are you ready to see your marketing dollars have a better, more effective reach to your audience? If so, contact us today! 

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