Making Connections and Marketing Your Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great network to capitalize on. The professional social network has a lot more to offer than just connecting with like-minded professionals and endorsing your colleagues. 

At Be Brilliant, we meet people all the time who want to grow their business or fill their sales funnel. One network we've found that most professionals aren't utilizing to its full, mostly-free potential is LinkedIn. 

To get you started, here are a few of our recommendations when it comes to using LinkedIn for business.

Publish free content

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On your personal profile, you can write and share posts. This free publishing tool, also known as Pulse, allows users to write and share content about their industry or expertise. Pulse is great for all business owners and senior-level employees to use.

If you write content for your company's website, you can copy and paste the article into Pulse to share for all LinkedIn users to read. This is just one more way to create awareness and start a conversation with potential customers. 

Find potential hires

LinkedIn is the top network for recruiters!

This is a paid service on LinkedIn but it's a powerful tool to search for hires.

Younger, highly-educated people are most likely to use social media to look up information about the skills/experience of current employees at a company of interest, according to Undercover Recruiter

You can learn more on how to post a job on LinkedIn here


Share your company's content

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Sharing Linkedin post to your followers

If you're sharing content from your company's blog on Facebook and Twitter, don't forget about LinkedIn. Once you set up your LinkedIn Company Page, share that valuable content.

Your audiences level of engagement will vary across social networks.

Let's say your potential customer is a busy professional who only reads content on LinkedIn. If your company is actively posting and engaging with meaningful connections, you could have a better chance of gaining awareness about your brand. 


Now it's your chance to stand out from the crowd!

Let us help you reach your best customers, tell your most brilliant stories, and help your company gain new customers. But the first step is up to you!

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