Benefits of Using Facebook Live for Your Company

One of the many takeaways I gathered from attending Social Media Marketing World 2016 (SMMW16) was to start using Facebook Live. With this video feature you can share instantly, from anywhere, with all your friends and fans, and respond to their comments.

Before Live was available for everyone, Facebook allowed certain user profiles to try it out. I went Live a few times on my personal page, and I was completely shocked to see that my videos were viewed more than 100 times, and I only have around 500 friends on my personal page. 

At Be Brilliant!® Marketing, we highly recommend utilizing Facebook Live. We've shared this great news with our clients, and we want to share with you too. It's time to get excited about going Live. 

Live takes behind-the-scenes to another level

Going Live is the ultimate behind-the-scenes opportunity for your business. With Facebook Live, there are no edits, retakes or cuts to another camera. It's a more personal way to connect and interact with your followers.

“Going Live is a great way for followers to build trust with your brand.
— Kayla Collier

When to go live

Product Launch

Is your company launching a new product? Take your viewers behind-the-scenes with some of your employees interacting and using your product. You can sell your product without actually selling it. People will see real people using your product, having fun, and being human.

Company Event

If your company is hosting or attending an event, show your followers where you are. Walk them through what you are seeing and be sure to answer any questions sent your way.

Answer questions

Do you get asked the same question(s) multiple times by your customers? Take those FAQs and answer them on Facebook Live. Once you go Live, you can save that video to your phone. Then you can repurpose that content. Use it in a blog post, share it again on social media or upload it to your news enewsletter. 

Everyday People

Use Live to share a moment in your day. Show your personality! Heading into a big meeting, taking a lunch break on a busy day, looking at your to-do list with a fresh cup of coffee, introducing yourself and a new friend live from a networking event. 

Higher Organic Reach

Since returning from sunny San Diego for SMMW, our Be Brilliant team, has experimented with Facebook Live on our company page. We've seen that going Live, increases the organic post engagement on our Be Brilliant! Facebook Page. 

Aside from video being the most engaging type of post on social media, I believe this is happening because Facebook notifies your followers when you go Live. This notification allows users to join in on the experience, and you don't have to pay to get your Live video in front of them (yet). Make sure the title for your video is engaging so people will want to join in on the conversation.  

Facebook reported that viewers spend 100 million hours of daily video watch time on their network. It's time your company gets some of that viewership. Don't miss out on going Live. Reach your audiences, engage with your followers and be brilliant!

ready to go live? Use this form to learn more about Facebook and your business growth! 

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