Create Customer Profiles to Find Your Ideal Customer

Marketing is first and foremost a strategic process. Before you get started on promoting your company's products or services, you need to define who you want to target. Who are the people you want to have buy your products or services? Now before you jump to say “everyone” really think about exactly who is your best customer. 

creating customer profiles is one of the first things we do with a client. 

These profiles go into detail to describe their ideal customers. Some businesses may have two or three core profiles, others may have more than five. These profiles help us and our clients to map out marketing more strategically. 

When you have a profile completed, you know who you are trying to reach and engage with your marketing. 

One of the great benefits of using customer profiles is managing the cost of your marketing campaign. Think about it: When you use traditional mass marketing (such as newspaper or TV advertising), you are paying for everyone to see your ad. That includes a lot of people who will never, ever have a need for your product. 

When we work with customer profiles, we can anticipate and plan on the best ways to reach specific types of customers. There are many other uses for these profiles, but focusing your marketing tactics is by far the most obvious and important benefit. 

When we combine audience profiles with digital advertising and social media, we can create highly effective marketing campaigns. These campaigns are often far more cost effective because they are designed to reach a small, specific audience that we know is most likely to need and want to buy your business services or products. 

Ready to build your customer profiles and put that knowledge to work helping you grow your business? Contact us and get started! 

Check out Part 2 to learn how to create a customer profile to help target your company's marketing.

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