Promote Your Blog with Social Media

So you’ve invested many hours writing your latest blog post. You find the best image that represents your article, and you came up with a catchy headline. You’ve made sure you have all the appropriate tags to help optimize your SEO and now you are clicking the publish button. Your blog is live for the world to see! But how does anyone know that you have a riveting new blog post for them to read? Big hint: Because of social media.

Social media is all about sharing. You're already sharing your status updates: a photo of beautifully crafted lunch; a selfie near the Christmas tree; and of course, a motivational meme every now and then. So why not share your well-written, helpful blog post on your social networks? Publishing your blog on your website is only the first step.

Three Easy Ways to Effectively Promote your Blog

1. Use an automated social media publishing tool. Let’s face it, no one has time to sit down and post a very well-crafted status on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn everyday using the right hashtags to ensure that people are going to see it, read it, like it, retweet it and share it. That is unless you are a social media specialist like myself and you get to help compans with their social media for a living. Set up an account with Buffer or Hootsuite to make it easier to plan out and automate sharing your content. If you do this for one hour a week, you can cover posting across all your social media sites. Then all you need to do on a daily basis is monitor what people are saying about your content.

2. Ask employees and colleagues to share your blog posts. Whether you have three employees or 300 employees, your team should be following and sharing business content. Reach outside your company to related businesses, collaborators and other colleagues. Have you built a good relationship with other companies? Do they have blogs? Can you share their content with your audiences? If you initiate sharing your colleagues content, they most likely will follow suit. See if they will share your content on their social media sites in return for you sharing a status or blog topic of theirs. The bottom line: The more people are sharing your content on their sites and social media, the larger the audience you are able to reach. (Plus it can also help improve your Google search rankings, but more on that in an upcoming blog post.)

3. Don’t stop posting. Just because you posted your blog once on Facebook or Tweeted it last week does not mean you can't share it again. You should be regularly sharing your content on all of your social media networks. Make sure you regularly change how you promote the blog on your statuses or Tweets so you don’t seem redundant. Chances are people missed seeing your post if they weren’t on Facebook for a day or if they haven’t checked their Twitter feed in a couple hours.

Use this helpful chart to see how often you should re-purpose sharing your blog content, courtesy of the Buffer blog

If you find yourself not able to keep up with your company blog or the management of your social media sites, let us help you! We specialize in helping clients stand out in the crowd on social media. Simply contact us

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