Avoid These Social Media Shortcuts That Sabotage Your Brand

Using social media shortcuts can help your company, sometimes. One shortcut we use is an automated social media publishing tool that allows us to schedule out content, eliminating the day-to-day responsibilities of posting on various networks. 

However, not all shortcuts are created equal.

Unfortunately, some businesses get caught up with shortcuts that cost them more in the long run. While the right tools can help trim a few hours off social media management, those shortcuts shouldn't cost you a lack of engagement from your followers.

Below is a list of shortcuts to avoid and tips to try instead when using social media for your business.

Avoid: Letting an RSS feed automatically post to your social networks

This is not a good idea. If your business is using social media to share content, posts need to be personalized to your audiences and related to your industry. Avoid the "lazy way" of posting by having an RSS feed post statuses based upon key words you plug in. It won't take long for your followers to catch on and chances are people will not be engaging with the automated content.

Try this instead: Be strategic with curated content you share

Sharing other company's content is fair, just be sure the content is there to inform your audience about something related to your industry. Always direct your audience back to your company if they need advice or services. 

Avoid: Buying fake likes

No company wants fake customers. Fake customers don't buy your products or services. It's important to know that your company doesn't need to have an extremely high number of followers or likes on social media. Be concerned about the quality of likes (the value of those likes to your business) over quantity. You want people who are genuinely interested in your company to be following you. These are the people who are more likely going to become customers or make recommendations about your business.

Try this instead: Targeted audiences

Targeted audiences on social media is the best thing since sliced bread. Social media advertising allows you to get your company in front of targeted audiences according to their age, behaviors, interests, income level and even hobbies. The best part about targeted audiences on social media is that it's a fraction of the cost compared to other advertising such as mailers or newspaper ads. 

Avoid: Using the same message on multiple networks 

Chances are you don't talk to your spouse the same way you talk to your friends. Just like you don't talk to your grandma the same way you talk to your clients. The same rule applies when posting on social media—the messages you communicate on social media need to be appropriate for each network. 

Try this instead: Strategically craft messages that users will engage with for each network  When you tailor your posts and messages for each network, also be sure to use #hashtags correctly. Remember, hashtags aren't used on LinkedIn, which is mainly for business professionals and employers. However, there are great advantages to using hashtags on Twitter posts, the more hashtags you use, the better the chance of your Tweet getting in front of a broader audience or catch the eye of people following your topic. 


One last word: Content. Whatever tools or shortcuts you use to keep up with social media marketing, avoid cutting corners on creating great content. When you create original and relevant content that is conversational, informative, and engaging, you give your followers and fans reason to Like, Comment, and/or Share.

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