Make Your Business Shine With These Web Design Trends

The constantly evolving area of web design can make it hard to pinpoint what is on trend and what is a thing of the past.

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And with 48% of people saying a website’s design is the number one factor in deciding a business' credibility, it's no wonder that design is crucial for businesses and their marketing.

In order to stay on trend with your design choices, we are going to take you through some of the latest design trends.

Website Trends to Stay current.

1. Color: Brights and Gradients

With the minimalism at its peak, it can be hard to get some creativity and personality into a flat, monotone website.

That's where this trend comes in: You can keep the minimalistic design while also spicing it up with some bright colors. The bright colors will look attractive to viewers and set it apart from plainer, white-based designs. It's also been shown that colors increase brand recognition by 80%; sprucing up the colors can improve your web design and help your brand simultaneously.

There's no need to stop at a single, solid color either. More and more designs are utilizing a gradient of colors, which includes using two or three colors in one design space. 

2. GIFs and Animations

As we become more and more digitally inclined, still pictures don't hold the same draw as they used to. People expect moving pictures like GIFs or other types of animation. The use of these moving pictures opens up a lot of doors for your website: you can show a demo of a product, show something in action, and more. A moving animation or GIF will allow you to catch the viewers eye while also providing them with valuable content.

These continuous, looping animations and videos will only continue to improve with their quality and technology, making the web design opportunities with them endless. 

3. Illustration

It might seem counterintuitive that the less technological "Illustration" trend would follow the tech savvy GIF trend right? But it does seem like drawn images and designs are becoming increasingly popular in web design right alongside the GIF. We mentioned the struggle for unique design and personality in this age of minimalism and white space. Illustrations can serve to personalize and humanize your company.

Whether these are patterns, fonts, buttons, cursors, or actual drawings, hand-drawn design elements will provide a unique and personal touch to your website that minimal, plain sites would lack. 

4. Typography: Big and Bold

Coming up with a great line to represent your business right on the home page can be a great way to grab viewers' attention, but only if you represent it properly with the design.

A big, bold statement will read better if the type is big and bold as well. That doesn't mean you should use a thick font that takes up the entire screen. Choose a simple, powerful font that grabs the attention of the viewer.

5. Layers

It seems that a majority of the web design you see is flat design, which can potentially make a lot of sites look similar and, well, flat. Flat design is by no means outdated or a bad design choice, but switching it up from a flat design to a more layered look can make your design look unique and interesting.

Some ideas for layering include:

  • Layering your text and images over each other

  • Use different textures and colors to create a layered effect

  • Stagger various colors, patterns, and shapes to make different design layers

Obviously, these aren't the only ways to layer, but it gives you some ideas of how to break up a flatter design into a layered, interesting one.

6. Interactive Web Design

Interacting with a website is no new trick. Certain types of interactions like having a scrolling effect, a hover effect, calculators, quizzes, animations, and sounds have been around for a little while.

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However, these are becoming more and more prominent in modern web design. In fact, 88% of marketers think interactive elements can help differentiate a business from competitors and 93% of marketers think that these interactions can actually help consumers.

What does this mean? It means that putting increased focus on interactive design elements will not only update your website to be modern and trendy, but it will also differentiate you from competitors and help your customers.

7. Patterns and Shapes

With the rise of bright colors and layering that we have talking about, it isn't a surprise to know that web design is breaking out of the plain and simple trends and the flat design aesthetic of past years.

This means that there are more and more designs involving interesting patterns, geometric shapes, and various textures. Like with the colors and layering we discussed earlier, these types of design elements can add some personality to an otherwise plain and simple site. 

Don't Be Afraid to Combine Designs!

Each of these trends on their own can positively impact your web design and business. But you can (and should!) use some of these trends together. You can have a great website that has interactive elements along with bright colors. You can design a site to have unique patterns and shapes that are hand-drawn by an illustrator.

Feel free to mix and match the trends as you see fit. Each trend has its own style, and it's up to you to match it to your brand and your company's image. The possibilities are endless!

Bottom Line

Web design can change rapidly, and especially from year to year. These are just 7 of the many trends you should expect to see on the rise and in use right now. From patterns to bold typography to GIFs, each trend can add something new and exciting to your design aesthetic. And with design being a crucial part of marketing and representing your business, these trends can help your business succeed.

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