How to Respond to Negative Comments Online

"If someone posts something negative about my company or its products on social media, should I delete it?"

The answer, in a word is: "No."

Here's why: A negative comment can turn into a positive situation. Instead of trying to ignore someone's negative comment, here are three actionable steps you can take:

  1. Immediately reach out to the customer. Give them your phone number first before offering your email address because it's always better to talk over the phone if possible. When communicating through messages or email, tone can be misinterpreted.

  2. When you communicate with the person over the phone hear them out. Let them vent, don't interrupt. Really just let them feel heard.

  3. Offer a solution. How can you fix the issue that they are having with your product or services?

If you take this approach, you can help manage your brand's reputation online and show that your company is listening to what people are saying.

The key to positively responding to negative feedback

Once you have resolved the issue, and the customer is happy, simply ask them if they would consider re-writing the negative comment they wrote or quickly post another comment that your company resolved the problem. 

If potential customers see that your company is proactive and positive when faced with a negative situation, they will know that your company cares enough to take care of its customers. 

Be sure to actively monitor your business social media to be aware of what people are saying about your company.  

If you're looking to learn more about social media best practices for your business, let's talk. We love helping companies stand out from the crowd.

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