Improve Acquisition With PPC Construction Marketing

Challenges with getting the right ROI on your construction marketing investment? You're not alone. 

You could be overspending on leads that don't convert to paying customers. You could be paying more per conversion than that customer is actually worth. Over time this drains your marketing budget and eats away at your profits.

Pay Per Click ads (PPC) like those you buy through Google Adwords or Bing can be a great way to increase your overall acquisition rates, but optimization is key to getting the most out of your investment.

Let's explore how to optimize your PPC campaigns to maximize acquisition. 

Measure Twice. Cut Once.

In construction, you would never cut before first measuring. You wouldn't just eyeball it and trust your instincts. Because you know that no matter how long you've been in the business, precision matters.

The same goes for construction marketing.

To improve acquisitions, you need some very important measurements. And, you'll need to keep an eye on those measures to improve your customer acquisition rate. Four critical measurements to understand and watch:

  • Cost Per Lead (CPL) - Total PPC budget divided by the number of leads generated

  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) - Number of leads multiplied by the percent of leads that become sales, times the cost per lead

  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) - How much the average customer is worth in the segment that your PPC campaign targets.

  • Cost Per Click (CPC) - How much you pay per click, on average, and how much you pay for certain keywords that you need to drive traffic to your site.

PPC takes a lot of the guesswork out of marketing your construction business. It's clearer where you're money is going and where it can make the greatest difference. For example, if your CPL (cost per lead) is too high then your cost per acquisition (conversion) will be too high.

If your cost per acquisition is too great a percentage of the CLV (customer lifetime value), then you'll have to bring the cost per acquisition down to justify the expenditure and increase profits.

If the CPC (cost per click) for certain words is too high to justify targeting those words, then you may need to re-think your PPC keyword strategy to bring your costs down. You can then focus on words that have a higher acquisition rate for less cost per click.

Know Your Target Audience


The above measures are important. But in order to improve acquisition, you'll need to get past basic transactional measurement and understand your visitors' behavior.

Who are your ads actually attracting? Is the cost per acquisition high because you're pulling in the wrong customers? How can you better appeal to the right customers with the high CLVs?

You undoubtedly have a clear picture of the target customer of your construction marketing campaign.

Use tags to follow potential customers through their interactions with your website.

Through analytics programs you can see:

  • Which keyword they entered

  • What their interests and demographical information are

  • What paths they followed through your site

  • Whether they perform a desired action like contacting you, downloading a free guide or checklist, or buying (called "conversion" on analytics software)

  • How long they visited your website

  • Where they exited the site

With this data, you can improve your ads and landing pages to better attract the right website visitors and to more effectively convert those visitors into customers.

Test to Optimize Your Results

A/B testing is important in PPC. That means running various ads to see which attract the highest value customers.

You can also test various landing pages to determine which are most effective at convincing a visitor to sign up, schedule, or buy.

Ads should never send customers to a generic landing page or, even worse, your home page. The landing page should be customized to match the ad group. It should have a compelling message and create a flawless customer experience through well-conceived and thoughtfully-executed design

As you analyze the data and measures above, you'll see some clear winners. Figure out what makes those pages and ads so effective.

Then do more testing. Invest more of your construction marketing budget in developing those types of compelling assets.

Don't settle when you find your first winner that converts at a rate of 5X its asset peers. Continue to test and improve the campaign. See if you can optimize to 10X or beyond!

Landing pages have a lot of interconnected pieces and small changes can make a big difference. Don't be afraid to experiment and measure the results.

Be Ready to Adapt and Adjust Your PPC Campaigns

Graphic of ppc goals.

Keep in mind, you have to be in this for the long term. Things will change. And you'll need to adapt.

As you continue to improve the cost acquisition ratio of your construction marketing campaign, you'll want to adjust your bids to meet PPC goals for:

  • Budget

  • Acquisition

  • Target customers

As you notice certain landing pages and ad groups becoming less effective, recalibrate and refocus to keep your construction marketing efforts well aligned with your customers, your competition, and your market.

Flexibility is key to increasing acquisitions and reducing costs over time to reap the benefits of PPC.

Once It's Working, Expand On Your Success

Once you've improved your conversion rate, the way to improve acquisitions is to expand. 

Spread your campaign out into new regions. Run Bing and Google ads to increase exposure. Increase your budget, but with a very targeted focus to capture more leads and acquire more customers.

Target more keywords and expand your negative keyword database to further optimize acquisition.

Build Awareness With a Long-term Strategy

PPC advertising is a great long-term strategy. It increases brand awareness and interest while you stay top-of-mind when prospects and existing customers need your services.

You only pay when a potential customer clicks, giving you greater control over your construction marketing budget.

While PPC is a phenomenal way to get fast results, a long-term strategy not only considers short-term wins but the long game. 

Those who invest in long-term, well-managed strategies will achieve the greatest success.

Graphic of why PPC

Construction Marketing Needs PPC

A comprehensive strategy will help you achieve your acquisition goals with the right ROI. PPC is an important part of your comprehensive construction marketing strategy. It reaches your target customers at just the right time — during searches for exactly what you have to offer.

By optimizing your PPC advertising, you can ensure that you're getting the most out of your marketing budget and achieving the right return on your investment.

If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you develop and execute an effective marketing strategy for your construction business, contact us today.

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