6 Steps for Defining Your Personal Brand

Developing your personal brand is similar to developing a product brand. You have to differentiate yourself (product) in the market to reach your target audiences, connect with customers, and sell yourself (product).

Branding yourself means being visible to audiences, communicating what you stand for with consistency and clarity, and highlighting what makes you unique in the industry. If you aren't sure how to start branding yourself, or if you're in a position of needing to re-brand yourself, here are 6 steps to help you define your personal brand.

  1. Assess your current state. How do people currently perceive you? Is there a gap between how you're perceived and how you want to be perceived? What needs to change to reach that level of perception, and why?

  2. Set goals. What do you want to become known best for? What niche of the market do you want to become well-known in? Where do you want your personal brand to be in one year? In five years?

  3. Define your personal brand characteristics. Start with your personal brand story. How are you different? What makes you tick? What do you want people to associate you with? What do you want your personal brand to convey?

  4. Seek experienced counsel. Pick three people who have "made it" in your industry or in another, and ask them how they manage their personal brands. What can you learn from them? How did they surpass their competitors?

  5. Create your game plan. Your game plan should cover every aspect of you, as your own branded product. Define your strategy and specific actions you will take to reach your goals. What can you do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to develop your personal brand? Take into account your visual identity, your behavior and style, your verbal and written communications–including what you post on social media.

  6. Manage your brand. Be sure to proactively manage each aspect of your brand to ensure clarity and consistency. Make sure your social media platforms positively reflect your personal brand and what you stand for. Continue to reinforce your brand characteristics and market niche.

Not sure if your personal brand is living up to its potential? We help people and companies brand themselves by telling great stories that make brands stand out and succeed. If you're ready to define your personal brand, let's talk!

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