Three Tips for Using LinkedIn Successfully

LinkedIn® professional networking services is a great resource for you to build professional contacts, look for jobs, and connect with colleagues. But this business-oriented social network can be used as so much more than just a "connection" resource. At Be Brilliant!® Marketing we have each found some brilliant ways to get more out of LinkedIn so it doesn't become just another social media page you have.

Image of Linkedin groups screenshot

1. Join Groups

LinkedIn groups are a  valuable networking tools. Sure you can utilize LinkedIn's 300 million users to make connections, but groups can keep you up-to-date on newsworthy information from the industries you follow. Some groups have nearly 30,000 members. With that many members sharing information, asking questions, and exchanging ideas, you have the potential to learn new things and make new contacts by virtually being a part of a group. 

2. Actively post comments and questions in groups

To get the most out of groups on LinkedIn be sure you engage in the conversations. When people post a question related to your industry, use the opportunity to share your expertise. By offering a couple sentences of advice, you are opening the doors for potential business, collaboration, and connections.

3. Follow influencers

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There's a lot to learn from entrepreneurs, especially on LinkedIn. Let's use Richard Branson as an example. He has more than 6.7 million followers on the professional networking site. Branson shares advice through blog post articles about leadership, entrepreneurs, successful blogging and overall business advice. Following influencers gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge and stay in touch with those LinkedIn users that you might not actually know or be able to connect to.

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If you're looking to set up a LinkedIn page for yourself or for your company, and don't know where to get started, we can help. One of the many things we specialize in is helping companies build an active and successful presence on social media. Contact us to learn more.

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