Is Your Construction Website a Lead-Generating Machine?

Your construction business has a really nice website, complete with an organized layout, an appropriate color scheme, and information about your business.

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And yet, for some reason, it isn't generating the leads you were hoping it would.

The Internet has revolutionized the business model. Websites are no longer online brochures; they are sophisticated sales generation power tools.

If your construction website isn't generating the leads that it should, it is time to take stock and determine how best to update it to improve its ROI.  Below, we've listed some common methods that businesses use when creating or updating their sites to get as many leads as possible:

Analyze Your Construction Website Traffic

Before you do anything drastic to your construction website, you need to find out exactly what state your lead generation is in and why.

To do this, you can use various Internet tools (such as Google Analytics) to see who is visiting your site and why. These tools will show you which keywords led visitors to your site as well as the pages that visitors are interested in. From there, you can which content is working or not working.

We have found that many businesses have not setup or are not fully utilizing Google Analytics to track their website traffic. Setting up this free tool can provide an immense amount of value to your business when used properly

Include Your Contact Information

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Listing contact information on your website, such as your Business Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP listing) is very important. 

Eighty percent of all Google searches were used to find local business information. Half of those searches result in in-person visits that same day, and 18% result in a purchase within 24 hours of the search. So having your business's phone number, address, and other contact information on your website is vital to gaining visitors and, in turn, sales.

Another reason to add contact information is credibility. Scammers have found a safe, anonymous haven online, and nothing indicates that a website is a scam quite like a lack of contact information.

Install a Live Online Chat Box Feature

Live online chat boxes pop up when a visitor clicks on your website. They generally include a greeting as well as an invitation to ask an agent (usually the site runner) any questions that visitors might have.

Live online chat boxes are incredibly useful features for your construction website because they allow potential leads to contact your business immediately without even picking up the phone. Additionally, these boxes are the preferred method of contact for leads who are in public and don't want others to overhear their business dealings.

Add a Form

Regardless of whether or not you install a live online chat box, you should definitely add a lead capture form to your website. Forms allow potential leads to contact you easily and give you their information so you can follow up with them.

It's recommended that you place a form on every page of your website so visitors don't have to go searching for it. If you don't want to place a form on every page of your site, though, make sure that there is a distinct, easy-to-find link to your form page on every page of your website.  (A convenient placement is via a "Contact Us" link on the site's top menu.)

Add Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are videos that explain your service to site visitors. They also act as a welcoming device. Many site admins who use them place them at the top of their site's main page.

Explainer videos are extremely useful for two reasons:

  • They allow potential leads to see you, the business owner and person they might deal with if they decide to contact your business. Showing them your face and letting them see you move and hear your voice allows them to put a human face on your business, which will make them feel more connected to it.

  • Like contact information, explainer videos act as proof that you are who you say you are and not a scam trying to lure in unsuspecting victims.

Include Testimonials

Another way to prove you're not a scam is by including real testimonials from current clients who've used your business and were happy with the results.  

Testimonials speak volumes about a business's credibility online. Additionally, good reviews encourage visitors not only to consider you but seek you out for a contract opportunity.

Testimonials also serve as a great opportunity to include photos on your website. Pictures of yourself with happy clients further increases your credentials and potential leads.

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Make Sure Your Construction Website Is Mobile-Friendly

The increase of mobile device Internet access has resulted in the increase of website visitation and browsing via mobile devices--and thanks to the convenience of these devices, that number is only going to get higher.

More than ever before, it is important to make sure that your website functions across smartphones, iPads, and other mobile devices. Sites that are only desktop-friendly look very chunky, take longer to load and are very difficult to navigate on mobile devices.  

Internet browsers tend to have a very short attention span and will leave any site that takes them more than a few seconds to load and view.

Use Simple, Easy-To-Read Fonts

Although it may be tempting to spruce up your website with some attention-grabbing fonts, you should stick to basic, flat fonts such as Verdana and Ariel. They're much easier to read, and they don't "scream" at visitors, which some visitors may find annoying and off-putting.

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Don't Use a Generic Website Layout

Your construction business is unique, so you want your website to show that your business is unique. And nothing says, "NOT UNIQUE" quite like using Wordpress's Baskerville or Twenty Ten layout.

Customize your website's layout. Even if you start with a template, invest the time and money needed to tailor your layout to fit your business's image and online needs.

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