The Key to Making Social Media Work for Your Business

Social media is here to stay. Businesses, small and large, have recognized the importance of utilizing it as part of their marketing mix. When used correctly, social media has the power to create brand ambassadors, build market leadership, share the personal side of your organization, and gain your company new customers. 

There's one crucial piece to ensuring that social media works for your business: a blog.

Sharing your company's blog posts on social media is paramount. Among the most commonly-shared posts on social media are links to blog articles. 

To be most effective, you want those blogs to be predominantly from your company's website. You are the expert in your industry so share what you know.

Having a blog on your company's website brings a multitude of benefits: 

  1. Blogging gives you a platform to show you're a leading expert in your field.

  2. Blogging allows you to be a trusted resource to others.

  3. Blogging creates an opportunity for others to share your content on their social media sites.

  4. Blogging helps develop relationships with potential and current customers by inviting them to join the conversation and comment on your posts.

The next time you go to share a status on social media, ask yourself, "Can I elaborate on this topic in a blog?" If you can answer, "Yes" to the question then start writing!

Keep your statuses on social media short and sweet, just enough to grab interest and lead people to your website. Leave the details for your blog post. 

By following this method, you will attract more traffic to your website. Essentially, your social media followers will read a short status update about your blog; they will click the link to read more, which will bring them to your blog and your website. From there you have the chance to educate prospects and customers about your business and engage them with a call to action. 

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