The Importance of Being Responsive on Social Media

We live in an era when we’re always faced with being “on.”

Notifications, emails, text messages — we always have someone or something we need to respond to. When it comes to answering people who comment, message, or engage with your company on social media, how good are you at responding? 

It’s important to be social and post content that engages your followers. And when people start commenting and sending messages, you need to be a part of that dialogue.

When you respond, it shows your followers that you're listening and you care. That social listening is equally as important as posting. Research shows that 80 percent of companies believe they provide superior customer service on social media. However, 92 percent of consumers disagree, according to data in this great infographic by Brickfish, which highlights consumer expectations for a fast response when they engage with a brand:

  • 83 percent of Facebook users and 71 percent of Twitter users expect a response within the same day.

  • On average, 42 percent of people expect a response with 60 minutes.

Responsiveness isn’t a new idea, it’s been part of the social media marketing conversation for a few years, but despite all the talk, businesses still struggle to improve response. Even those that have improved engagement can find it challenging to manage responsiveness.

How's your business doing with social media responsiveness and customer service? Have you used Facebook's page management tools to track comments, messages and your response time?

To learn more about the benefits social media responsiveness for your company, check out the infographic excerpt to the right. 


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