The Lesson Every Business Should Learn About Instagram's Logo Redesign

As with any logo change, some people will love it, others will hate it, and some will be on the fence. As a designer and Instagram user, I’m not completely sold on the logo itself, however, I am sold on how they revealed it. Here’s why.

Whether you realize it or not, changing your logo is a BIG deal. It’s how your customers identify your business. If you reveal your new logo suddenly, people won't react very well. (I personally know a small business that suddenly revealed a brand new logo on Facebook and immediately received negative responses.) That's why it helps to share the behind the scenes story of rebranding, as Instagram has done very well.

Imagine going through a major life event without any warning at all. Let’s say you go to visit your mom. You knock on the door and her new boyfriend – who you had NO idea existed – answers the door with your smiling mom standing next to him. You’d freak out, right?! And you probably wouldn’t like him very much. However, if she had called to tell you about him beforehand, explained with great enthusiasm why he’s a great match for her, you'd be more likely to have a more positive reaction in that first meeting.

It's not exactly like preparing people for your new logo, but you get the idea: A new logo is a major change for your customers. That’s why it’s crucial to be open and share WHY your company is rebranding. That’s exactly what Instagram did by creating a video to explain the design process.

Instagram's logo before and after

The video starts by showing users the previous logo, followed by a great variety of sketches of ideas in the process to get to the new logo. Next, the video show how bits and pieces of the old logo were incorporated in the new design. By telling the story behind the logo, Instagram is hoping to help users adjust to the change.

If you take time to tell the story behind evolving your brand identity, you help create excitement and acceptance with your customers and fans. We've seen that happen in our own work:  When our creative director, Bryon McCartney, designed a new logo for the Alliance for the Arts, he and the client's team teased the big news in the weeks leading up to the public launch party for the new logo. They shared peeks and hints of the new design on social media and in local press to generate curiosity and interest. At the launch, Bryon joined in the presentation to share a look at the process of evolving from the previous logo to the new one, matching the vision and future of the Alliance. It was a great way to get the community and Alliance members excited and ready to celebrate the new look. Our clients at the Alliance received very positive feedback from members, the media, and the community.

Instagram's new logo, one of many changes for the popular photo-sharing app, is also rolling out a new algorithm.

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