Balanced Marketing Can Help Your Business Stand Out

When it comes to your marketing, are you spinning plates or serving a feast? If you find yourself running from one marketing tactic to another just to keep things in check, chances are some of those plates will fall to the ground.

Graphic of Smart and Healthy Brands

Have you ever visited a company's website and noticed that the page hasn't been updated for years? It's one of those sites that looks like it was created in the late 1990s, and the most recent news is dated 2011. But then, you check Facebook to see if they even exist in the social world, and discover the company is posting almost every day. Pretty confusing isn't it?! Looks like they dropped the website plate to fill up the social media plate. 

Smart and healthy brands invest time to serve an enticing "buffet" of current news and information as part of their marketing efforts in order to build long-lasting customer relationships.

Here are five steps we recommend that can both help small business and big companies serve up a balanced spread of marketing communications... without dropping any plates. 

Five Steps To Balanced Marketing: 

  1. Keep it fresh: Maintain an up-to-date presence across all your marketing communications platforms. Set a realistic schedule for blogging and social media posts that you can keep up with. If it's only once a week, that's fine, just stick with it and be consistent. Plan website updates and refresh your printed marketing materials to be sure your business looks current and active.

  2. Share between platforms: Link Facebook and/or Twitter posts back to your blog or website. Link from your blog to Facebook or LinkedIn profiles or business page.

  3. Re-purpose and revisit popular content: Don't be afraid to dish up the favorites more than once. Take advantage of "Throwback Thursday" or create "A year (or a month) ago at company name," as ways to get more mileage and value out of previous posts and company news.

  4. Simplify with technology: Several social media publishing tools are available to help organize and automate social media posts. We love Bufferapp, there's also SproutSocial, Shareist and Tweetdeck, among others. These are especially helpful tools for start-ups and small business owners who are trying to do it all.

  5. Plan: We know that every effective plan starts with a strategy. Take time to create a strategic and comprehensive marketing communications plan for the year. Be sure to include goals, tactics, budget, timelines, and how you'll measure results.

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In a world where people are always "on" — whether it's on their phones, social media sites or the computer — companies need to keep up with sharing relevant and newsworthy content across the full range of marketing communications platforms. If you aren't reaching your customers and prospects, chances are another company is. 

Are you interested in updating your marketing efforts, but don't know how to get started? Don't worry! It's one of the many things we do to help our clients stand out in the crowd and reach more customers.

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