Your guide to web design for home remodeling companies

When it comes to web design, home remodeling companies need to be ahead of the curb. Your website shows off the skills you plan on marketing as a home remodeling company: the ability to set up a unique space that's easy to live in and even easier to enjoy.

Having a good website is essential for businesses of all levels. Whether you're a multinational corporation looking to be taken legitimately or looking for the best starter marketing strategy, nothing beats having a good website in terms of pure ROI.

Knowing exactly what home remodeling companies will need to develop a strong online presence will be absolutely vital to any company looking to last through the next ten years.

Luckily, we're here to help. Here's our guide to web design for home remodeling companies.

The Web Design Home Remodeling Companies Need

Home remodeling companies are all about making something well-designed and well-built. If you don't reflect that on your website, you're going to have some problems.

Always treat your website as an extension of who your company is. It's not practical to expect the pictures to speak for themselves. Every part of a visitor's experience on your website is a reflection of you. Your website isn't a reflection of your web designer, nor is it a reflection of the web hosting software you use. Visitors to your website see it as something you own, and that applies to the good and the bad.

These are the web design features home remodeling companies need to look for.

Mobile Friendly

Graphic of Internet Usage Statistics

Have you looked at the date lately? When you look at the calendar year, you may notice that there's a "17" to the right of the "20." That's because it's 2017. And in 2017, people love their cell phones.

Anybody who's alive knows this. It seems like we can't go a week without a newspaper comic about how millennials can't keep their eyes off of their cell phones, or a thinkpiece celebrating the aforementioned newspaper comic.

But the truth is, this development is happening among people of all ages. And it has serious implications for home remodeling companies.

In 2016, mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic for the first time. That's why web design home remodeling companies need their website to be as mobile friendly as possible. 

This isn't something that's going to change in the future. The reason we browse more from our phones is simple: while technology has gotten better, we're still just as busy as before. Even with a laptop, it's not reasonable to expect people visiting your website to do it sitting at a desk. More likely than not, they'll visit your site while taking the bus to work or on their lunch break.

So make sure it's easy for them to do that.

Clean Design

There's been a clear trend in web design for the past few years, and it's one that shows no sign of slowing down. The trend is towards websites with clean web design. While there was a time when a bit of clutter on your site wouldn't be so drastic, today's websites tolerate it less and less.

Graphic of Minimalism for Websites

Home remodeling companies should follow needs to embrace this move towards clean web design. They should do this using a principle known as "functional minimalism." The concept is simple, and there's a reason it's been so relevant in web design. The idea is this: there are a lot of bells-and-whistles you can add to your website. A lot of these can be helpful, but most of them will distract visitors on your site.

At best, this will make it harder to steer them towards the goal of setting up an appointment and hiring you. At worst, it will actively repulse visitors and drive them away.

Less is more. Instead of herding visitors away from your content and conversion, convince them to make a purchase by gently guiding them to the proper destination. This works for any business. But it's particularly important as an element of web design that home remodeling companies can't afford to skip out on.

Essential Components

Of course, the right web design components are essential for home remodeling companies. You need to have the right features to both bring people to your site and have them know what to do when you get there.

Here are some things we recommend as web design elements home remodeling companies can't afford to miss out on.

Contact Forums

This one probably seems pretty obvious, but it's one too many websites miss out on. The goal of having a website isn't just for people to look at it and remember you. If that were the case, they wouldn't be nearly as effective at producing high conversion rates.

Make sure you have a "contact us" page for visitors to your website to use.

A Blog

It may seem counterintuitive to include a blog on your website. After all, you aren't a writer, you're a home remodeler. But the reason why this page is an element of the type of web design home remodeling companies need has to do with search engines. Blogging and content creation are important elements of SEO: without it, you'll have a lot of trouble getting people on your website.

So make sure you include blogging in your strategy.

A Portfolio

When creating a website for your building or remodeling company, take advantage of your strong portfolio and feature the construction projects that show off your skills and unique approach.

If you're looking to master web design, doing it on your own may be difficult. We specialize in providing rock-star web design for home remodeling companies and other businesses in need of boosting their online presence.

We offer a variety of services to bring your online face to the next level. So get in touch and let's help you start attracting more customers.

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