Is Facebook working to overtake Google in the Future?

What’s the one unexpected marketing trend you should be aware of: Facebook is working to overtake Google as a search engine.

Typically, when people think of searching, they think of Google. However, Facebook is being used not only as a social network, but also as a search engine! This would explain why we’re seeing such a spike in advertising growth with these platforms.

Bar graph depicting internet advertising growth of Facebook, Google, and other Digital Platforms.

In fact, the amount of daily searches conducted on Facebook is increasing at a faster rate each year. In September 2012, there were one billion searches per day, then 1.5 billion per day in 2015. Now they experience 2 billion searches every day! Comparatively, Google gets a little over 3.5 billion searches per day.

A recent report by Simply Measured cited a study by Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers (KPCB) showing that Google and Facebook own a whopping 76% of Internet advertising growth in America. This tells us that these two channels are bringing the best results with advertising because this is where consumers are finding information about products and services.

Watch out Google!

Our prediction is that Facebook has the potential to outperform Google search. In fact, in January 2014, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook plans on directly competing with Google search over the next 10 years. If Facebook is able to beat Google’s search engine, that would be a devastating defeat, considering Facebook has far more specific consumer data on the platform, which would make for an incredibly targeted and powerful search engine. 

In some cases, Facebook is already outperforming Google:, an analytics company for digital publishers, found that Facebook had generated more referral traffic for the nation’s top publishers than Google! Going forward, businesses large and small will want to focus on optimizing their Facebook page and creating ads specific to what their audiences search. 

What’s the important lesson here? Start by looking at your analytics. Let your numbers tell the story. Don’t make assumptions. Whether it’s Google or Facebook, or other social media networks—find the ones that are working the best for you, and FOCUS on those. Recognize that Facebook can, and will, play an increasingly important role in your business marketing.

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