Facebook Retargeting—A Brilliant! Tool for Your Business

Have you ever gone to a website, looked at a few products you were interested in buying and then left the site? Then the next thing you know, while you’re scrolling through Facebook, the same products you were viewing show up in your News Feed.

You might think it’s a sign to buy that product or simply a reminder, and retailers are delighted when you make that purchase. This brilliant marketing tool is called Facebook retargeting.

This marketing tool allows a business to track website visitors and place ads on the visitors Facebook page after they have left the business’ site.

While this method of tracking and advertising is not all new, Facebook’s design allows for very precise audience targeting.

How Retargeting Works

If your business chooses to use the retargeting tool, you will have a multitude of choices as to how and whom you would like to target. From gender to age, location and interests, you can pinpoint who you want to see your ads.

Once you have chosen your target audience(s), you can then decide what you want them to see. By inserting a webpage link into the information, you can begin to track who looks at specific sections of your website. When someone from the target audience visits the section, a pixel is then inserted into their web code and tracks them back to Facebook. When they log onto their Facebook, there will be an ad from your website.

Why Your Business Should Invest In Retargeting

Whether you have been using other forms of retargeting or simply think it is not worth the money, here are some reasons why Facebook retargeting is now a part of many businesses budgets and why you should consider adding it to yours:

1) It is the simplest way to follow up with interested customers

It is impossible for you to follow up with everyone who visits your website or is interested in your business. The retargeting tool allows the beauty of technology to do a chunk of the follow-up work for you.

2) It is cheaper than similar methods

As a small business, being picky about where you put your money is crucial. Facebook retargeting (in some cases) can be less than $1 per click. On top of the good price, Social Media Examiner reports that retargeting offers a significantly higher ROI.

3) The ads can be seen on mobile devices

In the past, users have been unable to see ads while accessing social media sites via their mobile device. With Facebook retargeting, your ads will be visible to users who are accessing the social media platform on their cell phone or tablet.

With people using their mobile devices more than ever, this feature can dramatically increase your business’s visibility.


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