Facebook helps businesses reach every generation

For all the differences that separate a 21 year-old from a 71 year-old, if they're using a smartphone, chances are they are both on Facebook. In fact, smartphone users—regardless of age—have one thing in common: They love Facebook. 

And who doesn’t? Facebook allows you to stay in touch and share your favorite moments with friends and family no matter where they live. Facebook also makes it easy to learn about and follow local businesses and global brands.

When ComScore, a web traffic-monitoring company, examined the most popular apps among American smartphone users, every demographic had their own mix of preferences. But Facebook clearly takes the No. 1 place in all groups from 18 to 55+. We thought the lists of top 10 apps for each group were interesting enough to share. Check out the charts below showing the percentage of time spent on the most popular apps*.

What does it mean for you and your company?

If you're company isn't on Facebook, you should be. These numbers don't lie: Facebook is THE place to connect with customers, share your work, and use targeted advertising. 

Facebook ads give you a simple tool with a lot of power. It allows you to select audience details as specific as behaviors and interests. Aside from basic demographics of age and gender, you can create advertising campaigns based on people's interests, business and industry, entertainment, family and relationships, hobbies, activities, and sports. You can also choose behaviors such as charitable donations, digital activities, financial, purchasing behavior, travel and mobile device user.  

*To find out more about each age group's social media mobile habits, read the full article in The Atlantic. Download the complete ComScore Whitepaper.

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