Don't Forget to do THIS on Social Media

It’s so simple that it’s often forgotten. You write a blog post or share a status about a product or service, but you forget to tell customers what to do next.

The one thing you should never forget on social media is a call-to-action. Here’s why:

When you publish content for your readers–whether on social media or in your business blog–you are sharing valuable information and business expertise. At the end of your post, what do you want your readers to do? Should they comment on the article, share it with their friends, set up an appointment, download a report, call you with questions, etc.? Always be sure that you give clear directions on what your audience should do next.

If your company is running a sale and you share that news on social media, don’t forget to tell the customers where they need to go to get the product or redeem the offer? Be sure to post a link, email address or phone number to give them an easy way to take action. 

With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, it's easy to include a link in your call-to-action that will take people to your website or special landing page. If your company uses Pinterest, be sure to upload a link with your image when posting on this site. If people want to learn more, make sure they have an easy way to get more information. 

No matter what social network you are posting on always give your readers a call-to-action, even when you can't include a link. For example, Instagram is a great way to promote your products and people can like your photo. But where can they buy what they see? Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow links in posts. But you can be sure to tell your followers to visit your website or blog if they are interested in the products. 

If you find yourself a little overwhelmed with running your company's social media sites or you'd like some consulting on how to make social media part of your marketing efforts, Let's Talk!

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