Yes, Facebook Advertising Does Work!

Graphic of Facebook Users

We love talking to business owners about social media advertising. In a world where everyone is always on their mobile devices and tablets, companies are missing out if they aren’t utilizing digital advertising. 

Here are a few questions for business owners: What is your ROI for TV or radio ads? How about newspaper and magazine ads? How do you track how many customers come through your door because of your ads?

If you don’t have the answers, it might be time to reconsider where you are spending your advertising budget. 

Our most successful platform for digital marketing is Facebook Advertising. Unlike a TV ad that could promote your commercial to everyone, Facebook Advertising allows you to target your best customers.

Why waste your advertising dollars by promoting your products or services to someone who isn’t going to be a customer, when you can focus in on the most likely customer? That focus is one of the most important aspects of advertising. (Read more about Reaching Your Best Customer

Here are 3 reasons why Facebook advertising works

1. You can choose exactly who you want to see your ad.

The beautiful thing about Facebook advertising is that you are able to choose a person’s age, gender, interests, behaviors, income bracket, and much more.

Are you creeped out a bit? Don’t be because this method of targeting is effective.

2. You can see how much you are spending and what’s working, or not.

Facebook allows you to see how much it costs for each person to see your ad. If an ad is costing you $3 per person, you can adjust to cancel that ad and try another one. We have created Facebook ads for clients that cost as little as $0.002 per impression. That means you are paying a fraction of penny for your ad to be seen by your best customer. I think that’s an amount anyone can afford.

3. You can tell people what to do.

Do you want to promote an upcoming event your company is hosting? Or maybe you want to encourage people to call you after they see your ad or visit your website.

Facebook has Call Now, Get Directions, Click Website, even Donate Now for nonprofits. (Read more about setting up Donate Now button.) These call-to-action buttons tell people what they should do after seeing your ad. And every action is a simple click to get them closer to you. That’s pretty cool. 

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