Brand guidelines create consistency for customers at every point of contact

Branding your company takes time, effort and a lot of focus on positioning your company’s values, key messages, and character. Once you have your brand defined, the next step is to develop brand guidelines. It’s most helpful to create brand guidelines at the beginning of the brand lifecycle to ensure a cohesive brand identity. But, it's never too late! Brand guidelines can help you revitalize or reshape your business brand at any stage.

What are brand guidelines?

Brand guidelines are typically written standards that outline how your brand should be used and communicated internally and externally. This document provides specific instructions and rules on how to correctly use all elements of a brand.

If you’re wondering why brand guidelines are important here’s what we know: Guidelines create consistency. They help keep a brand consistent at every point of contact — from printed materials, to online and digital media, and from sales presentations to customer service.

Business teamwork

Brand guidelines define how your business looks and acts!

While guidelines are often used to define visual identity, they can also go beyond that to provide direction on how the "brand" behaves – How does it treat employees and customers? When employees understand how they represent the brand, consumers are more likely to have a positive and memorable brand experience.

When every element of your business is "on brand," the business gains credibility with customers, employees, and other key stakeholders. Having and following brand guidelines can make a massive difference in the success of company. And, who doesn’t want to be successful?

If you haven’t defined your brand guidelines yet, or you don't know how to begin, let's talk! Use this form to contact us and get started!

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