You know how some people walk into a room and everyone is instantly drawn to them? We like to consider a brand a bit like a person because, just as with people, some are simply irresistible and no company is exactly like another. Each brand has a distinct personality with its own style of conversation, outward appearance and behaviors.

Here are some helpful questions to get you started on defining your brand's personality so you can stand out in the crowd. 

Our approach to Brand Personality looks at a combination of four important elements: Voice, Style, Behavior, and Values.

Brand Voice: What does your brand sound like? What does it say? What are the stories you share? Are people listening? Do your messages have the desired impact?

Brand Style: What does your brand look like? Is it dressed properly for the occasion? Do people notice your brand?

Brand Behavior: Where does your brand hang out? What does your brand do? Does your brand behavior match your brand style?  Does it reflect your values?

Brand Values: What matters to your business? What are the priorities and principles that guide what you do and how you work?

Having a well-defined and authentic brand personality helps you connect with customers, engage and motivate employees, and stand out in the crowd.

Are you ready to define your company's brand? 

We'll help you get started with our free five-point brand evaluation. Give us a little information and we'll give you a better understanding of your brand's current position and its potential.  Sign up to receive our free Be Brilliant! Brand Evaluation form. Fill in a few blanks, answer a couple questions, and email us your completed form. We'll get back to you with a step-by-step analysis designed to help you understand your brand personality and give you tips for brilliant branding.

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