How every company can define and create a business culture

A successful business thrives off three important elements: The company's mission, culture, and brand. When these three elements work together, a business is more likely to have greater market awareness, customer loyalty, and employee commitment. Every company, large or small, starts with a mission in mind. Maybe it's to create a product that betters people's lives or provide a service that answers a specific need. When the mission is clear, a culture can begin to develop.

Business culture is strongly influenced by the way company leaders share their vision with their team and across the organization. Without leadership showing the way, the mission can get lost. Without that mission, there is no culture. And without that culture, a brand is little more than a name and a logo. 

So how can you define and create a culture for your business?  

Define your business Culture

Recognize the value in the way business is conducted at your company. Many organizations make mistakes by working in the business without spending the time necessary to work on the business. To re-focus, take time to thoroughly answer these questions: 

  • What are we doing right?

  • What are we doing wrong?

  • How can we define and learn from the needs of our customers?

  • How can we provide our customers with a better experience?

  • What do employees need to know to improve the experience?

CreatE your business Culture

Working on your business culture often begins by recognizing what isn't going right, and what needs to be working better. Once you eliminate ineffective practices and attitudes, you can focus how to best meet the needs of your customers. When you start doing that, your company's culture will begin to flourish.

Another step in developing your culture is to recognize which employees exemplify the company's mission and go above and beyond their daily work. Make sure all employees are familiar with, and regularly reminded of, the company's values and expectations. Whether you want your business to be known for excellence, innovation, service or communications, display visual reminders throughout the workplace about those behaviors as part of your culture.

Last, but not least, is recognizing what you want your business to be number one at. Let's say your company sells t-shirts. Do you want to be known for low prices or quality, innovation or stability, technology or performance? Apple, for example, creates products that many people will say they can't live without. Think about it: Apple designed iPads, iPhones, iPods, MacBooks, etc., to be part of our lives and make our lives better. The company has created a culture focused on that goal. And, while those products come at a premium price, the company has a loyal following of customers who are quick to say it's a small price to pay for products that really do live up to the promise. 

How Does Your Culture Grow?

Is your business culture contributing to a healthy brand? Is it time to define or redefine that culture?

Contact us to find out how we can help you develop and use company culture to engage customers, motivate employees, and boost your brand. 

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