Your Outdated Website Is Costing You Business!

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Something we often hear from business owners is: "I can't afford to spend money to update my website."

We’re here to tell you that you can't afford NOT to update it!

What many companies don't realize about their website and their business in general, is that people make snap judgments based solely on looks. Like most things in life, first impressions are everything. If you don't look like you know what you're doing, people will assume you don't. You may be the best in your industry, but if you don't look the part, people will ignore you and look to your competitors instead. 

No matter your industry, when it comes to your website, you need to look professional in order to support the idea that you are running a credible and trustworthy business. You're probably thinking, 'Well, of course, you're gonna say that, you're a designer!' While that's true, you can be very certain that I'm not the only one judging your company by your home page. We all do.

Just the other day, I was having dinner with a friend. She told me about her recent experience trying to find a dermatologist. Another friend had recommended someone, but when we visited that doctor's website, it was outdated and poorly designed. It left a negative, and she ultimately chose a different doctor, one with a better website. 

Why does your website matter? 

As my friend put it, "I totally judge businesses by their website. When I see an outdated website, like that dermatologist had, I imagine some run down, sketchy business." This statement was followed by several "EEEK, EEEK, EEEK" sounds, reminiscent of the movie Psycho. While this made me laugh, it's no joking matter for that dermatologist. It's also a perfect example of why investing in your company's website is worth every penny. It's the difference between someone choosing your business or your competitor's.

Let's consider some simple data. According to a study by Kinesis, it takes about 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about your website, that's no more than the blink of an eye! Furthermore, 75% of users admit that they make judgements about a company's credibility based on their website's design, and 94% of a website user's first impressions are design-related! 

Kinesis Website Design Data Infographic
From "Truth About Web Design" by  Kinesis Inc .

From "Truth About Web Design" by Kinesis Inc.

Using the dermatologist as an example, let's put this into perspective. Imagine that you're the owner of that office and you have just received a website re-design estimate for $5,000. You might be thinking, wow, that's a lot of money! In reality it's not, it's actually a solid investment in your future, and here's why.

The average person pays $135 for a dermatologist appointment, and most clients make 2 or 3 visits over time, this means the dermatologist would only need to add 12 to 17 patients to cover the website re-design costs. Additionally, most offices can book 15 or more appointments per day, so it would only take about 2.5 days to make up the cost for a $5,000 website re-design. 

Every business is different.

Some may need even more customers to cover these costs, and some may need even fewer. The key take-away here is that, by investing in keeping your website up-to-date, instead of driving potential customers away, you'll have a much better chance that they will stay on your website and actually consider doing business with you.

Of course, you can argue that re-designing a website does not guarantee new business, and this is true. You need a website design team that has a proven track record and that knows how to setup your site correctly, and there is much more to setting up a website than the website itself. You need to connect Analytics, Search Console, Google My Business, and many other services. Otherwise, your traffic may be very light and a re-design will not be effective.

You also may feel that you are getting plenty of customers already, and that you don't need to update your website, and that may be true, for now, but eventually you'll find that your website performance is decreasing, and that's when you need to re-design it.

Don't do your business a disservice by hanging on to your outdated website. This will only hurt your business.

Take action to revamp your site, so a potential customer's first interaction with your business is a positive one.

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