Become a Brilliant! Blogger with 3 Simple Tips

A blog is an incredible secret weapon for small and medium sized businesses. It's a platform to grow brand awareness, test ideas, gain credibility, get user feedback, engage future customers and make your company more "human." Blogs also give organizations a platform in the marketplace to showcase their brand's personality.

If a company is looking to better explain what it does and show off its brand, a blog is helpful online marketing tool. If you're on the fence about starting a blog for your company, here are a few reasons why blogs are beneficial for brands.

Blogs help you rank well in search engines. Google loves fresh content. So the more original content you publish on your blog, the better you rank. Blogs also provide content for you to share on social media sites, in enewsletters and they can be used a referral tool for your customers. Finally, blogs help build your brand authority in your niche. They are used a platform to describe your products more in depth, services and your brand personality.

If you're ready to start blogging today, here are three ways you can become a brilliant branding blogger.

Show Genuine Excitement

A reader can easily detect a writer that is passionate about his or her subject matter. They know when a writer feels deeply about the topic they are talking about. Would you read something that is dull? Probably not, so be sure you aren't investing any time and money into content that isn't going to "Wow!" readers.

Use Newsworthy & Relevant Topics

Blogs should be used as a platform to share newsworthy topics about your brand, information that are useful to customers, and as a place that readers will learn something new and useful. Blog shouldn't be used to recycle old press releases or talk about personal matters. Readers want to visit your blog to find new and easy-to-read content where they can learn something new and share that information.

Write in a Natural, Authentic Voice

Be sure to write in a conversational, educational tone. Readers don't want to feel like you are trying to sell them something when they read your blog, they want to walk away learning something new about you and your industry. Share interesting facts or tips in your blog posts and always end your posts with a call-to-action. Now, that the reader has invested time in learning about your brand, what would you like them to do next?

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