Five Brands Using Visuals in Their Marketing

Are you using images in your Social Media marketing? If you aren’t, this is a good day to start! The numbers are in, and it's clear: Your audience wants pictures in their Social Media channels.

Photos get 53 percent mores "Likes," 104 percent more comments and 84 percent more click-throughs on Facebook. It's no surprise that people upload about 250 million photographs to Facebook every day. Even Twitter, with its limit of 140 characters, has become more visual, now allowing you to add a picture or video to expand on your message.

Visuals help you tell stories with very few words at all. Savvy marketers are using highly visual channels such as Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat because they know that customers respond to images. These social media platforms allow brands to show and tell stories that create engagement, build communities, and nurture brand loyalty and long-term customer relationships.

Here are some of our favorite examples of brands successfully using visual storytelling with limited words and great visuals to engage their audiences:

1. Random House, Inc.

The largest general-interest trade book publisher in the world knows how to reach its audience with visuals. Books are more than a product; books are a way of life for their customers. With 1.5 million Pinterest followers, the company uses images to capture the passion and great potential of books, reading, and literacy interests.

Lesson learned: Showcase the things your customers love. Share the causes and inspiration that are close to your heart to make even stronger connections with your audience.

2. ABC World News.

Fans know what your brand looks like on the outside, but they are interested in making a deeper connection. ABC World News shows its human side on Instagram, giving viewers a peek behind the brand into the everyday routine.

Lesson learned: Don't just show "perfect moments" of your brand. Add depth by showing the real work that goes into producing your brand and its products–no matter how humdrum it may seem to you. People relate to the not-so-perfect moments, and they'll appreciate your brand more when you're transparent with them.

3. Whole Foods Market.

Stories don't have to spell out everything. Whole Foods Market uses pictures on Twitter to show its products match customers' lifestyle.

More than 3.5 million fans follow @WholeFoods. The brand shares great ideas on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and reinforces that customers can purchase all the necessary ingredients by featuring pictures that show products in stores.

Lesson learned: Use high-quality images or videos to give a "lifestyle" angle to your marketing. Show your customers how they can use your products in their everyday lives.

4. Apple.

Our favorite tech brand consistently nails its visual storytelling. Check out its YouTube channel to see how the company has mastered the craft of creating videos fans will watch, comment on, and share. One video, which gives a tour of Apple's new Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor, has more than 3 million views.

Apple goes beyond simply showing off a new feature, it shows what it takes to make these innovations reality—and how they solve problems, create opportunities. The Apple audience relates to the videos because they can see how the product will improve their own lives.

Lesson learned: Use videos to tell a story about your products or services. Involving employees and customers adds real-world passion that your audience relates to.

5. Target.

The retail giant found a way to reach one of its target audiences. Target created a style blog on Tumblr to share only images that younger females—16 to 24 years-old—can relate to. Each image or set includes a link back to Target's product page, making it easy to buy, without a pushy sell.

Lesson learned: If you sell multiple products and services, remember that one size doesn't fit all. Use social media to help focus on a niche offering for a specific audience–and always link those viewers back to the right place on your website.

To be a great marketer, you must learn to be a great VISUAL storyteller

Visuals give people an insider's view into your brand. These examples show how images can create an emotional connection with your audience. If you're looking to integrate images into your marketing, let us help.

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