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Our Be Brilliant! creative director and managing partner, Bryon McCartney, served as table host to speak about "Brilliant! Blogging For Brand Awareness" at this month's sold-out "Get Connected" luncheon presented by the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce. Bryon was joined at his table by local business professionals interested in learning more about branding and blogging.

In case you missed the luncheon or didn't get a seat with Bryon, here is a brilliant! recap of what guests from our table found most interesting.

Did you know?

  • On average, 329 million people read 75 blog pages every month!

  • 60% feel positive after reading a company's blog

  • 61% purchase based on blog posts

  • 70% learn about companies through blogs, not data

  • 81% trust information and advice from blogs

Those facts make a great case that companies should be blogging! So, now that you know people are regularly reading blogs and being influenced by them, how do you get your company's blog started or rebooted? Here at Be Brilliant!, we look at a wide range of factors to help clients plan and produce an effective blog for their brand. We're happy to share a few suggestions that have proven helpful to clients just getting started with blogging.

1. Set Goals
First, ask yourself what do you want to achieve with your blog? Once you have set your goals, you can begin to develop topics and content aimed at supporting those goals.

2. Define your Topics with your Audience in mind
So what will you write blog about? Topics that are of interest to your customers, relevant to your industry, and information that will help turn prospects into customers. If one of your goals is to connect with your audience, consider using your blog to answer the most typicalquestions customers ask. Relevant content is sharable content.

3. Commit to a Schedule
Now you have your goals and a list of topics, so when should you start writing? Set a realistic schedule that you can maintain. Don't over commit – it's OK to start small if that's what it takes to be consistent. Once you go live with your blog, don't let it sit dormant. Even if you're posting only once a week, plan and stick to your schedule.

Check out our Be! Blog for more about blogging and branding and more brilliant! ideas. Need some help getting started with your blog? Send us a message or call us. We'd be happy to help get you started.

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