Using Social Media and Blogging Together

If you're struggling to keep up with social media content and keep your followers and fans engaged, consider starting a blog on your business website. Before you run away from the idea of a blog, screaming, "I can't do one more thing!" check out these five steps to get started and keep going with practically painless blogging that will help you boost the power of your social media to grow your business. 

1. Make a plan, set a schedule.

Stick to it. Figure out what you can reasonably commit to and do every month. If it's only one blog post a month, don't worry, just write one great post a month. 

2. Start by answering questions. 

Wondering what to blog about? Start the easy way by answering the questions you get when you're networking, meeting with customers for the first time, or taking on the misconceptions about your business. If you have an FAQ on your website, start with those questions and create a blog post that expands on the answers.

3. Get others involved. 

Everyone in your business can provide content for blog posts and social media. At least once a week, ask for ideas: customer success stories, team news, product updates, trends, fun stuff – birthdays, work anniversaries, new hires. Make it easy for people to help you out – share an Evernote folder or send a weekly email to collect ideas.

4. Fuel your blog with curated content. 

Running low on original ideas? Find a few good resources in your area of business and follow their blog or their Twitter or Facebook, or subscribe to their email updates. Be inspired by what they share and add your commentary or insight to create a mini-blog post of your own, always be sure to share a link to the original article.  

5. Give your readers something to do. 

Be sure to add some kind of call to action to your blog posts. By sharing links to your blog (your website) on social media, you're bringing people to your doorstep. Help them take the next step to learn more, to start their customer experience with you. Maybe it's signing up for a newsletter or downloading a helpful checklist, or a link to make an appointment or book a reservation, or place an order. Keep calls-to-action helpful, not too sales-y.

Graphic of social media, one and done

One more thing ... Share and keep sharing. 

Your blog posts will give you a limitless resource for Facebook sharing and other social media posts. Just remember that social media isn't a "One and Done" deal. Re-share content over weeks, months, even years. Change up your headline or status comment, add a new image, post at different times of the day. Facebook and Twitter research shows that when posts are repeated over time, they get more interaction with each repeat.

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