Five Steps for Telling Your Business’ Story

Our Be Brilliant approach to branding and communications includes using the power of great storytelling. Whether it's the unique family story behind a local entrepreneur or small business, or sharing employee stories across a global company, we know that storytelling works. Your business story will help you connect with customers and employees on a more emotional level, and make your business stand out.

What's Your Story?

A good business story doesn't need to have drama, major upsets, or extreme success. It can be personal, even funny. Most of all it needs to be YOUR STORY: Your motivation and success, your uniqueness, your inspiration and your goals. Get started on the five points of your story by answering these questions:

1. Before you talk about what you do, start by explaining Why you do it. Did you have an "Aha!" moment, see an unmet need or opportunity, follow in a family business, or follow your passion? Why are you excited to get to work everyday?

2. How did you get started? What challenged or surprised you most at the beginning? How have you grown or adapted?

3. When did you realize you were on to something, that you were succeeding? What challenges have you faced since then?

4. Where is your business today? What do you do that makes you stand out? Is it your approach to business, a special product, a new technology?

5. What future do you want for yourself and your business? What keeps you inspired to pursue those goals?

Now you've got the raw materials to start working up your story. Craft a short version and a long version. Remember, every story is unique – your story is not the same as your competitor's story. Storytelling works because it is personal!


Put Your Story to Work

Talk it through with a colleague or an adviser who will provide candid feedback. Then, get comfortable working your story into networking conversations, new business pitches, marketing and PR, and internal communications.

From large corporations to small local companies, people do business with people. Stories lend a human touch to business and make emotional connections with the people you want to reach: customers, employees, and communities. Developing and using stories about your business can help improve customer loyalty, increase employee engagement, and strengthen your brand position.

Still not sure how to get started or use your business stories? Contact us for the help you need!

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