Engage Your Followers with These 5 Social Media Updates

Now that you're putting the time and effort into raising your business' social media presence, what are you posting? All the social media research–and our own first-hand experience–tells us that fans and followers respond best to engaging and helpful content. If you try to sell in every Facebook status or Tweet, chances are they'll turn away from following your company on social media. Instead, think about what will draw their attention and keep them interested.

Good quality, well-performing posts tend to fall into one of five categories (see below). Use our guide to help create the kind of social media posts that will help you engage your followers and strengthen customer relationships.

The 5 best status updates to share on social media

Company blog posts. If your business has a blog, share those posts on social media. Think of the company's social media networks as billboards to direct people where you want them to go. And share more than once. Don’t just share your blog once on each network and think that you can’t share it again. Read how often you should be sharing your blog posts here.

Newsworthy information. Is your company releasing a new product? Did one of your employees get promoted? Are you exhibiting at a trade show? Share these announcements with your network of followers. Posting company news, press releases, media clips, interviews, and events on social media boosts credibility with followers and further establishes your brand with your customers and community. 

Get personal. Give your followers a glimpse of the faces behind the company. Whether you’re at a networking event or having a company lunch, snap a "selfie" or a "groupie" and post it to your business' social sites. These posts are guaranteed to have a higher organic reach, especially if you tag everyone in the photo. People love to see the faces of a brand and are more likely to engage with status updates that feature the human side of work. These posts also tend to get more likes, comments and shares.

Promotional calls to action. Write this down: 4 to 1. We follow this ratio rule on social media that for every 4 posts, one should be promoting the company’s services, products or a special offer. We suggest sticking to this ratio to keep from inundating your fans and followers with a constant sales pitch. Social media works best when it's used to build relationships and create conversations, and not treated as an infomercial. The last thing you want is to have a customer or potential customer un-follow your business because of the oversell.

Curated content. You can be an ongoing source of information in your area of expertise, even when you are not the original source. We regularly share "curated" content on our social media sites. There is just too much good information out there not to share. You're likely following your field of business more closely than your customers, so when you come across an article that fits the interests of your target audience, copy the link and share it on your social media. Maybe it even sparks an idea for your own blog post, referencing the original article. Before you share it, leave a comment to the author explaining why you found the information useful. Also, leave your name and a link back to your website. This is an effective way to drive people to your site, while sharing valuable information to your customers. 

If you find yourself a little overwhelmed with incorporating and managing social media as part of your company's marketing plan, or you'd like some consulting on social media best practices, let's talk! Contact us here.

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