Ask The Right Questions About Your Small Business Marketing

Successful marketing takes time. Even in today’s world of instant access, live streaming, and hyper-connectivity, strategic marketing still takes a commitment of time and resources to get results.

As you plan and invest in marketing your small business, it’s critical to track those results and take stock of what’s working and what’s not. Start with these five questions for a quick check-up on your marketing.

1. Is my marketing getting in front of the best Prospects for my business?

Small business marketing doesn’t need to reach everyone. It needs to reach the people who are most likely to want, need, and be ready to buy a specific product or service.

Our Be Brilliant approach digs into understanding your ideal customers and creating marketing tactics based on customer profiles [Read more]. Narrowing the focus from mass media to profile-designed marketing reaches more of those best potential customers.

2. Does my marketing help me stay connected to current and past customers? 

It’s often said that it costs more to get a new customer than to keep an old customer coming back.

When reviewing your marketing plan, make sure your strategy includes marketing to current and past clients – not only for their repeat business, but also for referrals.

Small businesses often use social media and email marketing to keep customers engaged.  

3. What’s working? What isn’t?

Sometimes it’s obvious that marketing just isn’t delivering. Something needs to change. Take a close look at what has worked and an even closer look at what hasn’t worked.

Is your strategy working or do you need to adjust your approach and tactics?

At least twice a year, take time to carefully reevaluate your goals and make sure your marketing has the budget, time, and people needed to deliver on those goals.

Let the numbers speak. Make sure you are tracking your marketing efforts with analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t. This will help you adjust your marketing strategy so you can be effective with engaging your audiences.

4. What’s next?

First, consider expanding on or adapting your most successful efforts.

Next, keep in mind that each stage of small business growth requires a different mix of marketing efforts.

When starting a business, the focus is often on raising awareness, then shifts to positioning expertise and differentiating from the competition. Your marketing should be both adaptable and consistent as your business evolves.

5. Does my marketing reflect my business?

Look at your marketing and imagine what it would look like with a competitor’s name and logo on it. Would it still make sense? The answer should be no.

Your marketing should be distinctly yours – the branding and design, the messages and tone. Even if you sell the same product or service as your competitor, your marketing should be different enough that people recognize it’s about your business, not your competition.

Your answers to these questions will give you fresh insight and ideas on how to refresh and revitalize your marketing for results that help your small business grow.

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