Tips for Being a Successful Blogger

What's the secret to successful blogging? When you write a blog post, provide content that people will not only read but will want to share on social media. Why? Because this gets your brand and message in front of mass audiences, personally recommended by the individuals who Tweet and Share your link. Eventually, this extends your credibility and helps you gain new customers. It sounds simple, but without a plan and starting point, blogging can seem daunting. Here are 5 quick tips about blogging to help you succeed with your blog. 

  1. Brainstorm.

    Keep a running list of blog topic ideas whether it's a note on your phone or a piece of paper near your desk. The best blog topic ideas sometimes come when you're not sitting down trying to brainstorm. When you're in pinch for coming up with a new topic, refer to your list.

  2. Use Evergreen Content.

    Just because you write a blog post and share it once on social media doesn't mean you should shelf the content. Share the blog post weekly on Twitter and monthly on Facebook. Come up with an original headline for your post to engage your audience and attach the link to your blog.

  3. Optimize CTAs.

    When you write and post a blog, you want people to do more than just read the article. You want traffic from your blog to convert to leads and then into customers. Make sure that every blog post you publish has a call-to-action. And try out different variations: See if people are more likely to respond to clicking a link, filling out a form, or emailing you.

  4. Get Subscribers.

    Ask your followers and customers to subscribe to your blog. Share a subscribe link on your various social media platforms each week encouraging people to stay up-to-date on your latest posts.

  5. Show Your Personality.

    Let's be real. There are hundreds of other bloggers that write about the same topics as you. So what makes your blog different? You! So show off your personality. Share those personal stories that will help readers connect and engage with your blog. Develop your "blogging voice," and don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd!

If you are looking to increase your blogging game, let's talk. Simply contact us to see how we can help you. 

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