5 PPC Mistakes That Drive Construction Advertising Costs


Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, such as Google Adwords, can be an incredibly valuable way to grow your construction business. 

With PPC construction advertising, you can secure your spot on the search results page for keywords relevant to your business.

You don't have to wait for search engines to rank your web pages, you just run your ads and you'll be on page one.

But, is it really that simple? Actually, there is a lot of strategy that goes into a successful PPC campaign. Your company may be missing the mark!

In this article, we're covering the top five PPC mistakes made in construction advertising. Read on for more!

Avoid These 5 PPC Mistakes in your Construction Advertising

AdWords, Google's pay per click advertising program, has an incredible amount of customizable features. Failure to utilize these customizable features accounts for many of the common mistakes made in PPC construction advertising.

By putting in the extra time and research, your construction advertising stands to see a significant boost in click-through rates and conversion rates. 

1. Underutilizing Keyword Match Options

AdWords has three different types of keyword matches: broad match keywords, phrase match keywords, and exact match keywords. 

These keyword groups all have unique benefits and will garner different results. Let's break it down:

Broad Match Keywords

Broad match keywords are like casting a wide net. In this case, your ad will match with keywords, regardless of their search order or if additional words are also used in the search.

For example, if your keywords are 'Florida' and 'construction,' searches for "Florida construction company" and "best construction company in Florida" will still match. Not only does the keyword order not matter, broad match keywords will also match with synonyms, misspellings, etc. 

Enter broad match keywords into AdWords with no punctuation.

Phrase Match Keywords

Phrase match keywords are more specific. Using the same example from above, consider "Florida construction" your phrase. This will cause the ad to show up when the phrase "Florida construction" is used in that order, with or without additional search words. "Southwest Florida construction" would still match, but "Florida home construction" would not. 

Enter phrase match keywords with "quotation marks" around your chosen phrase(s). 

Exact Match Keywords 

Exact match keywords are used to grab the most precise of searches. These keywords are, well, exact: the whole keyword and nothing but the keyword. Exact match keywords tend to produce the highest conversion rates because you are precisely locating your customer. However, their specificity might mean a lower click through rate. 

Enter exact match keywords with [brackets].

So What's Best?

Broad match reaches the largest audience, while exact match means a higher conversion rate. Phrase match typically falls in the middle. The best strategy depends on the product and/or services you sell, your target demographic, the quality of your ad copy, etc. 

Many strategists recommend starting with exact match keywords to find your audience and then expand to phrase and broad matches from there. The people searching for exactly what you sell are likely to buy, so that's a good place to launch your construction advertising from.  

2. Skipping Negative Keywords

Graphic of negative keywords for PPC

Negative match keywords, on the other hand, are specific words that you can use to cancel out a match. 

Why would you want to eliminate keywords? Doesn't that limit your audience?

Not quite. It specifies your audience. In fact, it saves you money by preventing waste of your valuable ad dollars. 

Research what people are searching in Google Analytics. This will help you to see exactly what people are searching and track conversion rates.

If there are search phrases that do not match your product or service but still include your keywords, designate them as negative keywords in Adwords.

For example, a company that only sells formal shoes would want to make "running" a negative keyword to eliminate wasted PPC dollars by customers looking for athletic footwear. 

Enter negative keywords into Google AdWords by putting a negative sign (-) in front of the word. 

3. Failure to A/B Test & Tweak Your Ads

A commonly made mistake is the failure to study your PPC results and learn from them.

Even if you love your ad, keywords, etc. you should A/B test your PPC ads to see what works best with your audience.

Follow your conversions closely. Pay attention to your CPA (cost per acquisition) and CLV (customer lifetime value) for customers acquired.

It's not complicated: in order to see profits, you need to be making more than you spend on advertising. Of course, you may lose money at the beginning, but successful businesses must keep thinking long term. 

Give your Adwords budget enough money and time to learn from your click-through and conversion rates.  Rarely will an ad campaign be perfect upon launch, you have to test it out and tweak it as necessary for maximum success.

4. Forgetting To Use Your Brand as a Keyword

Graphic of brand keyword for PPC

Don't forget the most obvious keyword of all: your brand name! 

You definitely want to invest in your brand name as a PPC ad because that is the most likely to produce results. People who are searching for your brand are most likely to convert.

Keep in mind that competitors may use the same keywords or even your brand name! You can also use their name.

This is just one of many reasons it's smart to track your competitors. See what their keywords are, how their ad copy looks, what landing pages they use, etc.

Take a walk in your customer’s shoes and analyze what is and isn't working. Would you buy your product or service over the competition's product or service? Is your ad coming up for relevant keywords? Is your brand dominating the search results page when the name of your company is searched?

5. Sending Visitors to the Wrong Page

Landing pages are incredibly important to conversion rates.

Make each PPC ad worth it by directing customers with a call to action.

If you are asking them to "buy now" or "call us today for a free consultation" but directing them to your home page, they'll have to search through your website to take the action they clicked for.

Consumers have shorter attention spans than ever so that could mean losing them! Direct them to the right page to take the next step down the sales funnel. 


Take control of your construction advertising by avoiding these five PPC advertising mistakes! 

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