3 Important Visual Marketing Facts

We like to think of visual media as the “power tools” in your marketing communications toolbox. Understanding what makes images so strong can help you build a visual strategy for your marketing. In short, the secret to the strength of images is in the numbers.

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Image of a person’s eye

90% of information transmitted to our brains is visual

More than any other senses, our vision is always on the job. Even in the simple act of reading text, we look for words that catch our interest. When images are added to text, it's like waving a big flag that says “Over here! Look at this!” Those visuals not only draw attention, they also make an immediate connection and are more memorable than text alone.

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Our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text

If the majority of what our brains take in every day is visual, it makes sense that we’re wired to instantly process what we see. This makes images extremely effective when it comes to telling your organization’s story. Using images can quickly draw interest, gain understanding, and create a strong bond with your brand that keeps people engaged with your business and excited to promote your brand.

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From image to emotion to action
53 | 104 | 84 

Images are processed through the same areas of the brain that process our emotions. Research has shown that visuals can trigger powerful responses and memories. When this happens–especially when images spark a positive feeling–we are likely to feel more connected. Social media research reveals that emotional response in action: Facebook posts with images get 53% more Likes and 104% more Comments than text only posts, and image posts with links get 84% more Clicks.

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