Why You Need a Unique and Professional Looking Business Card

So you’re at a networking event. You’re mingling with other professionals and handing out your business cards. When you give your card to someone, what do they say? If they don't seem very impressed or intrigued, then it's time for a change.

Recently, we decided to get creative with our business cards, and had great results. In honor of spring training season, the Be Brilliant crew sported baseball business cards. They were complete with our player photos and statistics. And if you were lucky enough, they came personally autographed! Check them out below.

Of all the positive comments we received, the one that stood out to me was, “Wow! I’m never going to forget you!”

Your business card and networking in general is to help you stay top-of-mind with those you meet.  When you meet a connection for the first time, you want them to remember you. Having a professional business card gives you the opportunity to make a lasting impression, and is an immediate reflection of your credibility.

Once you give someone your card, what do you tell them about your professional life? Most people just say what they do, not the value they bring to their clients. If you give people the why, instead of the what, you'll make more meaningful connections.

Here's an example. Let's say you're a financial advisor. Instead of saying "I'm a financial advisor at XYZ Company", say "I give clients peace of mind by helping them secure their financial future." 

This approach works much better because you're showing them how you could potentially help them.

I hope these tips have opened your eyes to see the benefits of getting creative with your business cards and how you approach networking. Good luck and Be Brilliant!

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