Your Easy Step-by-Step Guide on Using Facebook Live

Chances are, if you have a Facebook account, you have seen one of your friends or a company you follow go Live. When someone you follow goes Live, Facebook notifies you to encourage engagement. 

In a previous blog post, we talked about Why Your Company Should Utilize Facebook Live. Live is a great feature to use to give your followers a behind-the-scenes look of what's going on at your company.  Below, we share a simple, step-by-step formula to help you use Live from a company page on a mobile device. 

1. First, go onto your company's Facebook page.

2. Click on the Publish button.

3. Look for the icon we have circled below.

4. Craft an engaging description of what your video is about. 

Screenshot of Facebook Live Tutorial, Part 1
Screenshot of Facebook Live Tutorial, part 2

Using Facebook Live

On Your Company Page

Whether you're announcing a new blog post, introducing a new hire or answering some frequently asked questions from customers, going Live can help increase your organic engagement on Facebook. Try it out and see how your followers respond. 

Groups & Events

Your company can also go Live in Facebook Groups or Events. This feature can help you promote  your event ahead of time by teasing speakers, give-aways, auction items or news. If you have a Group on Facebook, you can hold a question and answer session with the people in your group or use Live as a way to visually share announcements.  

Contact us to learn about Using Facebook Live for your business. 

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