Four Social Media Mistakes and How to Fix Them

If you’ve put time and money into creating a social media presence for your small business but you are still waiting for results, you might be thinking it's not a helpful marketing tool for your business. But wait ... this is no time to give up! You've already done the work of getting started and taken the first step toward social media marketing success.  

When done right, social media increases awareness of your business, engages prospects and customers, and brings your business leads. When it's not working, chances are it's a relatively simple mistake that you can fix.

1. Followers have nowhere to go

A small business social media page can work like an on-ramp to a scenic road or it can be a dead-end in an abandoned neighborhood. When someone visits and "likes" your company’s Facebook page, what can they do next? Are there up-to-date and relevant posts? Can visitors easily find a link to your website or how to contact you to learn more?

The Fix:  

  1. Share posts that link back to your website — a specific page, blog post, a special offer, or a clear call to action.

  2. Get more bang for your buck by sharing the same post several times over a week or month, or even longer.

  3. What? No website, or it's that old site you just haven't gotten around to upgrading? Think of your website as the home you own and social media as the property you rent. You have more control and options with your website, and it is your source of information and links to share on your social media and draw people into your business. (More about creating a better online presence)

2. Oversell=Overkill

Are you selling or sharing? While social media is a great platform for promoting your services or products, it's also the right place to be helpful, relevant, interesting, and engaging. In short: Start a conversation with your audience to keep them following you.

Overselling on social media is overkill. You don't want to be the social media version of the pushy salesperson. Social media is a great place to build relationships, show off your difference, and earn the trust of prospects.

The Fix:

  1. Share relevant information your followers can put to use.

  2. Entertain with posts that are likeable and shareable.

  3. Show & Tell - Use images that help tell the story of your business and the problems you solve.

(For more ideas on creating better social media posts, check out our Five Things You Should be Sharing on Social Media)

3. Comments, messages, & reviews are ignored

The whole point of social media is to be social. This is the place for interaction. Your followers show up to interact and will love it when you to do the same. When they take time like or comment on the posts that you share, make it a priority to respond.

The Fix:

  1. Set up notifications so you get alerted to likes, comments, and reviews on your social media page.

  2. Use automatic responses to acknowledge messages and then follow up as quickly as possible with a personal message.

  3. Respond to every review, even the negative ones. (Keep your cool and keep your fans! Find out How to Stay Positive When Responding to Negative Comments Online)

4. Post links take people away from your business, not to it

A social media page that relies on sharing posts from other sources and links to other websites looks very active, but is not doing its job as a marketing tool. For marketing success, the best posts take people to your website where you have more opportunities to guide their next steps, answer their questions, present offers, and gather contact info. In other words, draw them into your sales funnel. 

The Fix:

  1. Start blogging. Even if you can only manage to write one blog entry a month, that is enough to give you different content (quotes, statistics, questions) to create social media posts that keep people coming back to your website. (Learn how you can Start blogging and keep up the good work!)

  2. Limit the use of posts that link out to other sources. If you use an automated service or RSS feed to find and post third-party content related to your business, double check on the criteria and keywords. Monitor automated posts for relevance and appropriateness.

  3. Sometimes you just have to share someone else's post or link on your social media page. Try this: Focus on sharing success stories, good news, and positive images that give your social media fans those feel-good, inspiration moments. Keep it simple. These posts aren't aimed at getting business, they're about creating a good feeling that people will connect with your business.

Social Media Can help you stand out from the crowd!

If your social media efforts aren't bringing your business measurable results — and customers — it’s time to take control. Contact us to find out how to get social media working for you. 

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