If you’ve invested time and money in social media but have not seen an ROI, you probably feel like social media is failing as a marketing tool for your business.

There’s a reason it’s not working. When done right, social media increases your awareness, engages prospects and customers with your brand, and it brings your business leads.

Here are some of the most common problems I see that make social media fail.

You have nowhere to send people to

Let me explain. If a person likes your company’s Facebook page, reads a few status updates on your page and wants to learn more about your brand, where can they do that?

If you don’t have a website (an equally important marketing tool), people are going to click off your social media page and you’ve lost the opportunity to draw them into your business.

Brilliant nugget: Social media is just one piece of your marketing puzzle. If there is no website to send people to learn more about your company, people aren’t likely to trust your brand. 


Promoting your services and products on social media is a must. But you have to talk about topics on social media that engage your audience and retain their following.

Overselling on social media is overkill.

We’ve all encountered that pushy salesperson who will not stop trying to get you to buy one of their many products you’re not interested in. Don’t be the business version of that on social media!

Start with building a relationship, educating and earning the trust of prospects, then offer your products. (Read Five Things You Should be Sharing on Social Media)

Comments, messages, and reviews are ignored

This, in my book, makes my face scrunch up and begs the question of, “Why?!?!” The whole point of social media is to be social. And social = interaction.

People are following your brand because they have an interest in your company, products, and services. If they are going out of their way to engage with the posts that you have invested time and money into, you should make it a priority to acknowledge and respond.

This is especially important when people are writing bad reviews about your company. (Read How to Stay Positive When Responding to Negative Comments Online)

You’re sharing links that take people away from your business, not to it

If your company has an automated RSS feed that’s posting other company’s article links to your social media networks — or you routinely share links to websites other than your own — you are losing potential customers. This is not good.

You want the content that you share on your social media networks to take people back to your website and blog, not away from it. It’s ok to share another company’s article that is related to your industry sometimes, but make sure you give your company’s opinion on the topic by creating your own brief blog post on the topic, and always have a call-to-action that keeps your phone ringing. 

It's time for you to stand out from the crowd!

If your business social media isn’t bringing you measurable results — and customers, it’s time to take control. Contact us to find out how to get your social media working for good.

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