Part 2: Social Media Myths Your Business Needs to Avoid

Managing social media proves harder than expected for many small businesses. Some companies have recognized that social media is necessary to stay connected and engaged with customers.

However, they lack confidence, skills and knowledge when it comes to using these networks. It's hard to tell myths from reality when it comes to social media. 

In this blog post, we're wrapping up our two-part series on social media myths your business should avoid. In case you missed part 1, you can read it here. We're here to help small business owners make sense of common social media myths, so their brand stays Brilliant.

Myth #5: I should be on every social network.

The number of social networks to choose from to are endless. In this case, more is not always better. Thinking, “The more networks my company is on, the better my results will be,” isn’t necessarily true. When you are on too many social networks, quality is often sacrificed. Be smart and consider these two factors:

  1. Decide how much time and money you have budgeted to spend on social media. If you only have an hour a week, chances are you won’t have the time to post quality content to several platforms. Know what you have time for, and if you don’t have time, consider how much you are willing to pay to have someone manage your company’s social media.

  2. Figure out which social media networks are the most effective and appropriate for the industry you're in. Like a fingerprint, each social network is unique. Different networks work better for certain audiences and industries. What might work for a financial business, won't work for a company in fashion. To find out which platforms are best for your business, check out part 1 and part 2 of our blog series “Choosing Social Media for Your Business.”

Myth #6: People will leave negative comments about my company if I'm on social media.

Here's a myth that we can't debunk. You can't stop what people say about your company on social media. That's a fact. If your customers have a problem with your business, they will find a way to let people know, and they don't need social media to do it. But what you can control is how your company responds to the negative feedback.

One of the best examples of this is from a musician named Dave Carroll. After flying with United Airlines, he noticed the neck of his guitar was broken. He filed a complaint to be reimbursed for the damage to his guitar, but it was denied.

Dave didn’t give up though. Instead, he produced and uploaded a video onto YouTube about his bad experience. In the video, he sings about how United Airlines broke his guitar when they loaded it onto the plane. Within four days of posting the video, United Airlines changed their tune (pun intended), and offered him money to cover the damages.

Imagine if you’re United Airlines, but you weren't on social media to help manage a PR disaster like this? Without it, your company is getting bashed, and you don’t even have the opportunity to defend yourself. Now, your customers will only believe the negative things they hear.

By having social media profiles for your business, you’re able to manage your reputation. If you happen to get some negative comments or reviews, you have the power to make things right. When people see that you’re a company that strives to solve problems, your brand’s reputation and credibility gets stronger.

Has your company ever received negative comments on social media? Learn how to respond them in a positive way, here.

Myth #7: The audience I’m targeting isn’t on social media.

There’s this assumption that the Baby Boomer and 70 plus generation isn’t on social media, which just isn’t true. While other social media networks have a smaller amount of senior users, Facebook’s keeps increasing.

According to the Pew Research Center, 56% of American online adults over 65 use Facebook. That’s 31% of all U.S. seniors! So if you’re not using social media to connect with this generation, you’re missing out on potential clients.

Learn how your business can target older audiences on Facebook, by clicking here.

Myth # 8: Social media will give me quick results.

You’ve probably heard the quote “Build it, and they will come.”

Sure, it sounds great, but it’s not very realistic. Especially when it comes to social media. Being there isn’t enough. To be Brilliant, companies need to be there at the right place, right time, and with the right content.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. If you’re browsing on Facebook, and you see a company that just posts promotional deals, would you ‘Like’ that page? Most importantly, are many people going to find these posts engaging? Probably not. Having the right content means determining what topics your customers are interested in, and creating posts that talk about those interests.

Once you know what content you’ll be posting, remember that results take time. We’re so used to the Internet giving us answers in an instant, that we expect the same from social media. So if you’re not getting social media results right away, don’t worry. Building your social media presence takes time and effort.

Does your business need help with social media? At Be Brilliant! Marketing, we help local businesses develop strategic plans, set up social media profiles, and create engaging content. If your company needs help on social media, simply contact us.

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