Is your organization hosting a charity event, symposium or workshop? Don't overlook the power of the hashtag to help raise awareness and interest. Here's three short steps to help you create a hashtag and put that # symbol to work!

Using a unique hashtag as part of your event promotion helps get your guests and volunteers excited about the event and makes it fun to share and keep track of on social media. Don't make the mistake of leaving it up to attendees to create a hashtag for your event, make it a priority—early in your planning stages—to decide on a unique hashtag you can promote on social media and have people use when they post comments and photos of the event. 

Choose a hashtag

  • Do your research. Before you choose and promote a hashtag for an event, search Twitter for the hashtags you're considering to make sure they are not already in use or that they don't have negative or conflicting connotations.

  • Keep it simple. Remember Twitter tweets are limited to 140 characters. With text, a link for a CTA, a few hashtags, and possibly a photo, there’s a lot to pack into only 140 characters, so keep the hashtags short and sweet.

  • Make your hashtag match the event. Use words or abbreviations uniquely connected to your event. One of our clients, the American Cancer Society, is hosting its annual Cattle Barons’ Ball of Lee County and wanted some new ideas to promote the charity event. We proposed a unique hashtag for the event: #CBBLee. It’s simple, it reflects the event, and it's only 7 characters including the # symbol. Our client is using this across all its social media activity, including it with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts to help create excitement in advance of the event. During the event, they'll ask guests and volunteers to use #CBBLee when posting photos and comments to personal social media accounts and the event pages.

Now that you know how to create a unique hashtag for your event, be sure to tune into our blog next week for advice on How to Promote and Use Your Event Hashtags. 

If your organization is planning an event, and you find yourself needing some direction with social media, we can help. Simply contact us, and we will be in touch with you!

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