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Growing your business 140 characters at a time seems pretty simple, right? Using Twitter for your business is great way to connect with customers and targeted audiences. It's a platform to develop brand ambassadors who will share your content and brand.

As easy as it is for happy customers to Tweet your praises, it's just as easy for angry customers to use Twitter as an outlet for their frustrations and complaints.

One of our staffers recently encountered extremely poor service from a local company. That experience prompted a personal Tweet about the bad experience. In less than 60 minutes, the original Tweet was retweeted three times by other companies, "favorited" once, and responded to by another person in that industry asking how they could help. The company that provided the bad experience to begin with was never heard from; but others were definitely paying attention.

This example shows how quickly a negative Tweet can spread, even on a very local level. A few Twitter lessons we saw first-hand:

1. Companies are listening.
2. Companies use Twitter to find and engage with new customers.
3. Some companies aren't tuned into what is being said about them.

Two keys to make Twitter work for your business

  • Stay connected: Monitor what's being said about your business and be prepared to respond, quickly, before it's used against you.

  • Listen: Reaching out to another company's frustrated customer could turn into a new customer for you.

Although it might be easy to Tweet out a quick post, it take focused effort to most effectively monitor and manage your business Twitter account.

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