It was a bright and early for a Monday morning, but we were very excited to see one of our very own clients, Ian Buffam at Simply Body Soap Net, featured on Fox 4 Morning Blend. We were happy to provide some behind-the-scenes coordination to help Ian make his TV debut. He also shared a Mother's Day promotion offer – the first of several new specialty packages with custom-designed graphics by Be Brilliant!® Marketing.

To watch Ian on the Morning Blend, click here.

The Simply Body Soap Net works with your favorite bar soaps to deliver an invigorating wash while keeping your bar soap intact and always within reach. The double mesh design produces a thick, cleansing lather and exfoliating, scrubbing action for a deeper, more refreshing clean. No more gooey soap dishes, no more wasted drippy liquid soaps! We love ours and use them everyday. You can get yours at Simply Body Soap Net!