First, a few facts related to images:

  • 95 million photos and videos are posted to Instagram every day.
  • Facebook image posts get 104% more comments than text only.  
  • Pinterest is the number one social media source of website referral traffic and revenue.

It's clear: Visuals are the power tools in your marketing communications toolbox. Now is the time to put those tools to work by getting more visual with all your communications efforts–not only social media. Here are three easy things you can do today, and keep doing!



2. Put a PICTURE on it

Brilliant Lens_Ribbon Cutting_130214pic.jpg

3. More SHOW, Less Tell

Show off your business personality with behind-the-scenes pictures that give people a glimpse into how your company works. Share everyday moments: Prepping for a meeting, creating a new display, packaging products, unloading supplies. Grab your smart-phone and start snapping!

Every communications tactic can be enhanced with images. From social media and blog posts, to email blasts and press releases, adding a photo, a video, even a simple graphic or chart, will help boost audience interest and recall.  

Review your marketing materials, presentations, website, and more, for opportunities to replace words with images. Visuals are processed by our brains more quickly than written or spoken words and can create powerful emotional connections across language and cultural barriers.

One, two, three:  It all adds up to make your marketing communications more effective. Use visuals and see results! Don’t wait another day to Be Brilliant!

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